9 Reasons I Love My Best Guy Friend


It’s true, I do and for good reasons. First of all he is just an amazing guy. Second of all he is an amazing guy. Oh and did I mention? He’s an amazing guy.
Ok fine, I guess I can’t write an entire article using only the phrase “He is an amazing guy” (no matter how true it is), so here are some of the reasons why he makes me giggle like a 14-year-old schoolgirl.

1. I like him because he’s a good Christian. He goes to church every Sunday and actively participates. He’s taken a leadership role at so many conferences and retreats. We’ve stayed up late discussing our religious views; I like that he knows his values so well. I like that when I look over at him in church, he’s got his eyes closed and he’s actually praying. I can’t tell you how amazingly attractive (and seriously distracting) it is to see an almost 22-year-old man standing in church with his head bowed, seriously praying.

2. I like it when I can hear him singing…I’ve heard people tell him that he’s a terrible singer, but honestly, he’s really not that bad. I think his enthusiasm makes up for the tonal quality!

3. I also like that I can tell whenever he’s bored or distracted in church because he cracks his knuckles.

4. I like him because of the way he is with kids, especially his nieces and nephews and god son. More often than not I will look at him and he will be literally crawling with children. I like that he doesn’t get annoyed when they wave their sticky hands in his face or up his nose or in his mouth. I like that when they see him, they come running.

5. I like that he’s a gentleman; he’s sweet and polite no matter what. It’s not an act he puts on to impress a girl, he’s just a genuinely good person. When we go hiking he lends a hand whenever I need it — even when I think I don’t because I’m stubborn! He helps me fix my car whenever I ask and he shows me how to do it without being patronizing and making me feel like a “silly female.” He taught me how to drive a dirt bike, too, even though he protested for a while because he was concerned that I would hurt myself or the bike. (I didn’t though, I totally rocked it.)

6. I like that he doesn’t talk badly about his ex-girlfriend(s). (Meanwhile I’m over here, half-wondering how incredibly stupid they had to be to screw things up with a man like him and half-glad that it didn’t work out because he deserves somebody who actually knows him). He doesn’t blame other people for his problems; he doesn’t whine and complain if somebody doesn’t treat him as well as (I think) he deserves.

7. I like that in the middle of the day I will find myself giggling at some memory of him; something he did or said that is still just as funny. I like that he notices things about me that other people don’t. He tells me I always get his sense of humor and obscure movie references. When I’m with him, I always find myself laughing to the point of tears. We catch each other’s eyes and it’s like we pull each other into a smile. Does that make sense? I find myself wondering what it would feel like to kiss him; would it leave me breathless? What does his mouth taste like? I want to know the feeling of “being his;” I want to stand up for him. I want to feel him reaching for my hand or putting his arm around me or looking at me like the sun shines out of my ass. God knows that’s how I look at him.

8. It scares me sometimes, this incredible pull towards him. It scares me that I could honestly see myself marrying him and having kids with him and growing old with him. The act of marrying him doesn’t bother me but the act of giving myself to him completely — heart and soul — is scary. I’m afraid that the second I start fully caring about somebody will be the second that they pull away, or leave, or — and this is what scares me most — die.

9. I am happy being his friend but I know that we would be even more amazing as a couple. We know each other so well and I trust him completely. There is literally never anything I’d rather be doing than spending time with him. Of course I would be sad if he became seriously involved with someone else but above all I want him to be happy. If someone else makes him happy, then I’m happy.

There are so many more things I like about him, both big and little, but I shouldn’t go on. I’ll just keep on praying to God to keep opening the right doors and closing the wrongs ones. Maybe love doesn’t always have to be so complicated. Maybe it’s as simple as boy meets girl, boy and girl grow up, boy and girl re-discover each other, realize they both make each other the happiest they’ve ever been, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl get married and live happily ever after.

Oh and one more thing…he’s an amazing guy.