9 Reasons This Season Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Is On The Struggle Bus


1. They got rid of the villain too early.

And are now bizarrely trying to re-cast the villain. While of course, Chad needed to go if he was a danger to the rest of the guys and Jojo, getting rid of the punching bag when you’d hyped him endlessly means you spend the rest of the reason searching for drama. We’re only just finished with week six and now have drama thirst, all of which could have been avoided if Chad was dragged out (and got less intense and violent so quickly).

2. The producer plants are getting too obvious.

And are reminding us a little too much of UnReal. We all understand that we’re signing on for a certain amount of manipulation while watching The Bachelor, and let’s be real, it’s something I personally welcome. But when Jojo is on cloud nine claiming that nothing can go wrong, and then is immediately handed a magazine that was also planted in the boys room, that’s going a little far.

3. One of their early destinations was Pennsylvania.

…? Due respect to PA, which looked absolutely lovely in the show and hopefully got that tourism bump it was likely craving, but WHAT? Leaving LA early on was a great idea – it’s fun and exciting and new. But the idea is to keep building off the LA hype, rather than flip flop.

4. Right in the middle of Jojo’s season, Ben and Lauren got a reality show.

When ex-bae confesses his love to you AND someone else, chooses someone else, and then announces his interest in politics and his new reality show while your season is still going on.

5. They already have a potential clear winner.

They’re grasping at straws to make it look like Jordan *MIGHT NOT* be the clear winner, which is exactly what they tried to do with Lauren last season. Their one saving grace, I think, is that Luke would also match really well with Jojo. But we already have guys getting heavily friend zoned as Jojo and Jordan start picking out monogrammed JR & JR towels.

6. It took Wells and Jojo six weeks to kiss.

Maybe I’m just personally affronted by this, because I genuinely think Wells and hot and is not getting as much hype as he should be. I fail to see how you could wait six weeks to make out with him. #TeamWells

7. They’re blatantly running out of date ideas.

Though, on the plus side, at least they aren’t all “Let’s Take To The Sky!” dates. Ben Higgins got cozy with way too many girls on helicopters. So I at least really respect that much less of this season is airborne.

8. They’ve made this season more about the drama, and less about Jojo’s *journey to find love*.

To a certain extent, drama will always be the underlying force that then takes over, and that’s not a bad thing. But this went too far, escalated too quickly, and left us villainless early on. It also means we haven’t gotten to learn as much about Jojo or get as attached to her in the way we were to Ben or Kaitlyn.

9. We got rid of all the people with not-legit occupations too early.

Bring back the “Hipster.” I understand that we can’t cast twins (and make that their occupation), but we could’ve at least dragged out the resident That’s Not My Real Job dude, which I suppose was Daniel because he was keyed as “Canadian.”