9 Reasons To Be Forever Thankful That The Devil’s Season Is Over And Fall Is Almost Here


1. Sweaters.

Why are comfy sweaters the best thing to ever exist?! Why do they make me feel suddenly very, very loved and understood? I’m all for crop tops and high waisted shorts, but I can’t deny my undying love for big, shapeless sweaters. I want to crawl inside one and never leave.

2. Halloween.

Objectively, it’s just the best holiday. The entire premise is you get to be ANYBODY YOU WANT for the night and people give you candy for it. Or the grown up version, alcohol. All in favor of trading Valentine’s Day for a second Halloween say, “Aye.”

3. You aren’t sweaty and gross all the time.

Maybe this is just a personal problem. Summer = under boob sweat. And I’m not about that life.

4. Your favorite TV shows are back.

With the exception of The Bachelor In Paradise (which I unapologetically love, it’s a masterpiece, I’ll fight you if you don’t agree), all the good shows take a break over the summer. Though with online streaming we can watch whatever, whenever, it’s still exciting when your favorite show comes back on.


I don’t even like pumpkin as a flavor, but they are so adorable! Just look at these lil’ guys:

6. Snuggling up with blankets.

I’m the type of person who always has a blanket draped across their lap (I’m 89 years old on the inside), and as soon as the weather starts getting colder, I get to break out my precious Snuggie.

7. Hot beverages.

Cider! Hot chocolate! Tea! Coffee! Boiling hot water! You can actually enjoy your drinks at a steaming temperature without making yourself miserable. And there’s honestly nothing more relaxing than a hot drink. It’s like giving your stomach a hug.

8. Onesies.

Not joking, I own four pairs of onesie pajamas. I can’t wear them during summer and it actually makes me deeply sad. But as soon as autumn arrives, I get to be my authentic self again.

9. Beanies.

The beanie is like the oversized sweater for your head. What’s not to love?