9 Reasons To Date A Girl With Older Brothers


1. We aren’t crazy emotional (or crazy in general).

We grew up with boys in the house, so trust me, we have tough skin. We aren’t crazy emotional because we grew up with levelheaded boys, who would probably laugh at us for crying anyway. We have our heads on straight, because we had the voices of reason (brothers) all growing up. And because of this, we aren’t crazy in general; we watched our brothers deal with psycho bitches and learned exactly what to do in relationships. You won’t catch us crying over nothing or slashing your tires.

2. We understand boys.

We get that you need to hang with the bros, and we have a pretty good sense of what happens in a boy’s brain, or at least as close as we can without having one. We know that boys can’t always talk about their feelings, that you don’t overanalyze things like we do, and that you quite literally have a “nothing box” in your brain. What are you thinking about? Nothing, and you actually mean it. We also understand your need for video games and fake violence, and we’ll probably join in if you’ll let us.

3. We can go down memory lane with you.

That strange emo song you loved in middle school? Odds are we loved it too and jammed with our older brother every time he was forced to pick us up from practice or school. Screamo? Yeah, doesn’t scare us, our brothers probably even made us a mix CD at some point so we know all the words (even though our poor girl voices just don’t have the same feel when we try to sing along). Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds to Mars? The list goes on, and we got you.

4. We have similar childhood experiences.

Not just emo 90s music and video games, we probably have a lot in common. Our dads took us along on those trips to the shooting range and we took over the lawn mowing responsibilities when big bro went off the college. We learned to drive that old, standard pick-up just like the boys.

5. We’ve experienced a lot more because of our brothers.

That concert in the sketchy part of town most girls weren’t allowed to go to? Yeah, we were there, with our bodyguard brothers on either side. We have gotten to branch out in so many ways and experience life because we were safe with our siblings. I don’t see a group of sisters running around doing hood rat stuff in the middle of the night, but I’ve got big strong brothers so let’s go toilet paper houses and try to break into that old abandoned house in the middle of nowhere.

6. We aren’t shocked by your mess.

Underwear everywhere and beard hair all over the sink? It’s nothing new. Don’t get me wrong — it’s still gross, but we’re used to it. We aren’t surprised when the pile of dirty clothes is bigger than you, or when the sink is piled with dishes from a month ago. We won’t freak out that your clothes smell like death after you work out and that sometimes hygiene is lacking. We were there for all the post football game car rides and weeks in the summer when our brothers didn’t shower once. We know that boys are gross, it’s not going to catch us off guard.

7. We aren’t too sensitive.

Chances are we have quite the tongue and will take you shot for shot when it comes to sarcastic comments. We’ve been picked on, tackled, dared, and taunted to do weird and gross things. You won’t hurt our feelings with teasing; hell, you better watch out for what we spit back. And you might get called a little bitch more than you are used to, but don’t be a little bitch about it. Our brothers didn’t treat us like delicate flowers, and we don’t want you to either (but you better sure as hell still be respectful). What can I say? We’re ballsy.

8. We know how to handle ourselves.

Our brothers probably bought us alcohol starting at age 15 and took us to parties once or twice, held the window open as we snuck in, and lied to cover our ass with our parents, so we know how to handle ourselves. We aren’t the girls who get to their first college party and drink too much. We’ve played the game, and we know what to do. We watched our brothers try to pick up girls, and have all the tips from our brothers on what to avoid. We see right through the player façade, so if we are with you, you know it’s because we like you for you.

9. When it’s real, you know.

We are used to being one of the boys, and we aren’t going to go mushy over just anyone. When it’s real with you, you will see us open up. Don’t take this for granted. Our brothers were always there to protect us, and along the way we learned to really protect ourselves emotionally. When you do see us get emotional, when we do act girly on occasion, and when we are real with you about how we feel, that’s when you know we are in this for real. There is no greater privilege then tapping into who we are, because we love all out, balls to the wall. We know what kind of man we want, and you better hope it’s you.

We grew up with awesome brothers who taught us so much, about the male brain and about ourselves as girls. Every man should date a girl with older brothers, but keep in mind, those older brothers are still there to break your face if you hurt us.