9 Reasons To Get Pumped For The Mindy Project Tonight


Tune in tonight at 9:30/8:30c on FOX!

1. Mindy Kaling is the celebrity BFF you didn’t know you needed.

Mindy “gets” women like no one else in 2013 gets women.

The female-wide in-jokes you’ll pick up on are unreal. There’s the ubiquity of trying to look sexy in a man’s button up the morning after vs. the horror of realizing he can similarly fit in your clothes, trying not to feel dumb about keeping up with celebrity gossip, wondering why no guy has ever stood outside with a window holding up a boombox (or let’s be real, iPhone) playing your favorite song–it’s all there in it’s hilarious, painful glory.

2. Guest appearances from Mindy’s ‘The Office’ buddies.

So far B.J. Novak and Ellie Kemper have been on. I like to picture all these talented comedy people hanging out all the time, like they are such great friends that they can’t not hang out on each other’s shows.

Who will we see this season?

3. There’s a million family and couple driven shows on TV, this one is for the rest of us.

As Mindy says, “I’m not married, I frequently use my debit card to buy things that cost less than three dollars, and my bedroom is so untidy it looks like vandals ransacked the Anthropologie sale section. I’m kind of a mess.”

Hollywood: more of these kinds of characters please!

4. The supporting cast is hysterical.

The nurses, Ike Barinholtz and Beth Grant, are insane.

Ike is an affable ex-con who means well, but causes bizarre problems in Mindy’s office like taking in stray dogs on his nightly trips to “the quarry.” Beth (you may remember her as the “I’m doubting your commitment to Sparklemotion” mom from Donnie Darko) is a raw and unfiltered nurse who sometimes lives on the streets, for fun.

5. It will renew your confidence in dealing with your own life problems.

Despite not being where she would be in her dream life (like every single other person on the planet) Mindy is positive and hopeful. She embraces herself and her life with a fervor that’s totally something to aspire to. It’s a new, refreshing kind of confidence in being a flawed person who doesn’t have life all the way figured out.

6. The whole show is by a romantic comedy fan, for romantic comedy fans.

Mindy will be this generation’s Nora Ephron. A massive bummer happens like the blackout at the Super Bowl and she’s thinking of all the IRL romantic comedy meet cutes that are happening. She’s obsessed with romantic comedies in a way that most women are– but with more self-awareness. She gets that women are existing in a bizarre reality of wanting this story to unfold in your life versus how alien the plot lines actually are to the way men and women really behave.

7. Dr. Danny Castellano is basically the man of your dreams.

He’s a handsome doctor with an endearing backstory (his dad left his family) who is super masculine while hinting at an inner sensitive side. Do I need to go on? He’s also got a rockin’ body and a soulful man-crush on Bruce Springsteen. And he’s great with kids.

8. “Will Mindy and Danny EVER get together?!?!??” is the Ross and Rachel will-they-won’t-they of our time.

On one level they are totally MFEO (made for each other, in Mindy-speak) because they’re the yin to each other’s yang. Mindy is feminine, positive and outgoing. Danny is masculine, neurotic and kind of crabby (in an adorable way). On another level, they bicker constantly and are each in a relationship with someone else right now. Their chemistry is electric and when (not if) it happens, it will be epic.

9. James Franco will appear this season!

I rest my case.

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