9 Reasons Why Moving Back In With Your Parents Is The Best


1. Free

This is the absolute most important factor to keep into consideration when moving back in with your parents. When it comes down to it, the only RENT you have to deal with is your PARENTS. Plus the cost of living is… a lot. Food, internet, cable… god damn toilet paper?! I don’t even need to defend this one anymore. Free. Unless your parents are sickos and making you pay rent which is WHACK. Then move out.

2. Home Cooked Meals On The Regular

I don’t know about you but to me, cooking might as well be up there with learning a foreign language. The closest I’ll come to cooking is boiling water for pasta. Or making a grilled cheese. Or anything in that ball park. When you live at home, you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to cook for dinner because MOM COOKS IT… and it’s READY for when you come home from work. She might even ask you WHAT YOU WANT FOR DINNER. God it’s like you’re the damn Princess of Genovia over there. Not only does it sound terrible to cook for yourself but it sounds even worse to cook for yourself after working a full day… I can barely wait for Easy Mac for 4 minutes in the microwave. Need I say more?

3. Redoing Your Bedroom

So you have to come back to your bedroom that you grew up in… not THAT big of a deal. You can take this opportunity to repaint (yourself – not that hard to do) and redecorate your room. It’s fun and almost like you’re moving into a new room even if it’s the same room that you thought looked cool with Happy Bunny posters and Good Charlotte magazine clippings covering your walls. If your parents have already converted your room into a spare room of their choice… that’s just rude. Reclaim that shit.

4. Not Having To Pay For Everything

This sort of goes hand in hand with #1 but it goes beyond that… even if you’re pretty much paying all of your own bills while living at home you can’t tell me your mom isn’t going to pick you up your shampoo and conditioner at target or make you pay for groceries for your entire family. She birthed you for God’s sake… she’s still going to ask if you want something special from the super market or pick up your prescription meds at the pharmacy.

5. Watching Your Savings Grow

So now this is the whole main reason people move back in right? Either they don’t have a job or they have a job that pays really shitty and they want to save their money before entering the big bad world. So the catch of living at home to save money is you actually have to SAVE it (something I didn’t really learn until about 6 months in). Once you start getting into the habit of moving about half of your paycheck into your savings account, it gets addicting. Reaching certain landmarks in your savings account makes you feel like a DAMN BALLAAAAAAAAAAAA. The longer you stay at home, the more money you can save. I’m not saying live at home till your thirty so that you can accrue 50k in your savings but I mean what’s the rush of moving out after a year? That money will be gone before you can say bye to it. Watching your savings account grow into a nice sizeable amount is a great feeling, especially when you reach certain goals.

6. Not Being Tempted To Bring Back Sexual Partners

So that one night stand that you regret… yeah well now you can save yourself the slut shaming because there is no way in HAELLLLL you are going to be bringing back whatshisface from the bar into your parents’ home. It’s just not going to happen. It’s easy in college to have sleepovers whenever but now you can be like “yeah I live at home so………….see ya never”.

7. Borrowing/Sharing Things With Your Parents

It was really awesome that you were able to just have a million closets to shop in at college but now you can borrow things from your parents and siblings! All new fortresses to discover… you obviously don’t have enough money to buy yourself an iPad… no biggie! Just borrow Dad’s! If you’re lucky to have a parent/sibling that you can share clothes with that’s super clutch. The key thing to remember here is to form an alliance with your siblings. Let bygones be bygones and put the past in the past… life is a lot easier and borrowing things go way smoother when you get along with your siblings (and parents for that matter). Just remember to ASK before taking and you should be fine… this really supports the notion that living at home is really convenient.

8. Basic Chores Versus Real Chores

So you have to make your bed. It’s actually a lot better than NOT making your bed… you get used to it. So you have to load the dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink. You most likely don’t have to clean toilets or any bathroom for that matter. You don’t really have MUCH to clean. You also don’t have to do chores like taking care of living things such as plants or pets. This is pretty much taken care of.

9. You Know What You’re Getting Into

When you sign up to be roommates with someone you really have no clue what you’re getting yourself into. Everyone has a psycho roommate story at some point in his or her life… but typically they didn’t start out as a psycho roommate. At least with your parents you KNOW you’re going to deal with.