9 Reasons Why Taking The Bus Is The Worst


1. Shouting phone conversations

Oh so you hooked up with two girls last week and got chatted up by your manager at work? No matter how much of a stud you are, please keep the shouting to a minimum or hey why not try texting? Sheesh.

2. UNBELIEVABLY loud earphones

Yes you. Take your headphones off or turn your volume down. I’ve had a long day and would prefer not having heavy metal or worse, Gangnam Style ringing in my ears for the evening. Thanks.

3. Plenty of free seats but they must sit beside you

You get on the bus- empty. A couple of stops later another passenger gets on. You see them walking towards you. It’s an empty bus, of course they’ll sit down at the back. Alone, you think to yourself. Then they begin to slow down as they get to your seat, your heart starts beating faster as you realise in disbelief that they have chosen to sit beside you. Out of all the empty seats? Really?

4. People who take grooming themselves in public to another level

I once had the misfortune of sitting next to someone who, I kid you not, was clipping their finger nails. I turned around to see what the click-click-click noise was and was sick to my stomach to see nails flying. I’ve since seen someone do this on a train. I was so traumatized I couldn’t use the bus for a week.

5. Creepy staring

You’re sitting in a crammed space and you look up and catch the eye of someone sitting opposite you, you smile and continue listening to your iPod. Couple of minutes later, you look up and there they are again – eyes glued to you. This continues for the entire bus journey while you wonder if you have something on your face or what they could possibly find interesting about a regular person riding the bus. You’ve just come from work and know that you look anything but attractive. You now can even feel the glare out of the corner of your eye. If you are one of those people that are guilty of staring at people on the bus, please stop. It makes people feel violated and if you then go a step further and attempt conversation you will have cemented the notion in their mind that you are a serial killer.

6. Conversations with strangers

Creepy staring is bad but honestly some random person sparking up a conversation with you is even creepier. Granted, an elderly person is ok but anyone younger than 65 who try befriending you on the bus is just weird. What are we going to become best friends after I gave you directions? Or go on a date after you complimented my bag? Take the hint when I give one-worded answers and stare out the window.

7. Robbers

They are most prevalent than you think. Statistically on a crowded bus of 40 people there is going to be at least 5 robbers. I once had a phone and an iPod stolen from my zipped and locked bag on a packed bus. Remember the video of the two grannies stealing from people in a mall? This teaches us that we are not even safe standing beside older people.

8. Flirting

You catch someone’s eye, not just anyone, a super-hot babe of a guy. The eye contact lingers a few seconds too long and you both look away coyly and smirk. Great right? Wrong. You see he’s getting off at the next stop or maybe you are, and your potential new romance that lit up your world for a few moments (ok they made your boring journey more interesting) are now gone. Bus romances leave you mourning what you never had.

9. Time Consuming

The obvious and perhaps most annoying thing about the bus. You have to wait for the bus, then wait while they stop at every stop and let a herd of people out. Then the journey itself is what feels like 5 times longer than if you drove. I really wonder why I even bother getting the bus anymore.

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