9 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Eats Kale


Okay, hear me out. Seriously. This is relevant.

1. She’s patient. Do you know how much work goes into making a kale salad? You have to remove the stems, massage it for a solid five minutes, and, when you’re done, it’s wilted down to about half of what you thought you were making, so the process needs to be repeated again. Then, it needs to sit for a bit, be dressed, and topped with whatever you need to make it taste better. If a girl is willing to go through this much effort to make salad, which should be one of the easiest meals to make, think of how patient she must be in life.

2. She can cook. People who don’t know how to cook generally do not attempt to make anything using kale because it can be tricky to work with. Case in point: I went to a nice steakhouse a few weeks ago and ordered a kale salad from a reputable chef. The salad was inedible. It wasn’t dressed properly, there were still thick stems in the salad, and trying to chew it was definitely a workout for my jaw. So if your girl is making a kale salad, and making it well, you better believe she knows how to cook (or she only learned how to make kale and you’re stuck eating that forever). Bonus points to guys who can prepare kale. ~Holler at ur girl~

3. She cares about her health. She might just be jumping on the kale train, but chances are she probably lives a mostly healthy lifestyle. This is not to say she’s a size 2 and never indulges in the glory of pizza, but that she takes good care of herself. Her immune system is top notch, she has plenty of energy, and her serotonin and dopamine levels are good and high. She’s more likely to have other healthy habits, like working out and being outdoors, because she knows the benefits of kale and wants to keep her body working well. I mean, who doesn’t want a girl who’s up for impromptu paddle boarding or taking you out to her favorite secret hiking spot?

4. She doesn’t mind bitter (possibly bad) tastes. You know what I’m saying?

5. She’s probably a little bit basic. People who are adamant about not being basic and reject everything associated with being basic are miserable people. Basics know how to rejoice in life’s simple pleasures and don’t take things too seriously. That means she won’t be too hard to please and will be over the moon if you surprise her with the elusive box of Pumpkin Spice Oreos.

6. She’ll introduce you to amazing new foods. Chances are she likes experimenting with new foods, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the new amazing restaurants and dishes she’ll introduce you to. Bonding over good food is the best type of bonding.

7. You’ll get a little healthier in the process. I see you, guy who only makes pasta for dinner.

8. She’ll push you to be your best self. She’s not complacent; she is working to be her best self, and you’ll feel the need to keep up. This is good. Nobody lasts long in a complacent relationship.

9. She’s open to new experiences, and learning new tips and tricks to make them better. You feel me, though?

featured image – Ella Ceron