9 Signs Your Boyfriend Suffers From ‘Pathological Jealousy’


1. He keeps you away from your friends and family. Whenever you give attention to other people, he freaks out. This isn’t only when you’re chatting with a cute waiter or texting an attractive coworker. He gets just as frustrated when you’re texting your mother too much or spending too much time with a female friend. He doesn’t want your attention on anyone other than him.

2. He encourages you to step away from social media. He doesn’t want you on Snapchat having conversations that get erased before he can see them. He doesn’t want you on Instagram posting attractive pictures of yourself. He doesn’t even want you on Facebook or Twitter because you could be messaging someone else behind his back.

3. He goes through your personal belongings. Without asking for permission, he will guess your phone passcode and read through your messages. He will go through your bedroom drawers and the medicine cabinet in your bedroom. He will look through your browser history. He will invade your privacy every chance he finds.

4. He expects constant updates from you. He will text you, asking where you are and who you are with and what exactly what you are doing — but he won’t stop once you give him answers. He will want proof. He will want you to send him a picture or call him or find some other way to prove that you really are where you say you are.

5. He constantly accuses you of cheating without a logical reason. You haven’t been doing anything wrong, but he will accuse you of cheating anyway. He will think you’re having an affair with someone at work or from class, even though you barely talk to that person. Nothing you say will convince him otherwise.

6. He will go out of his way to check up on you. When you tell him you’re home taking a nap, he won’t take your word for it. He will actually drive past your house to make sure your car is still there. And if you tell him you’re at work, he will call your company’s phone to see if you’re telling the truth.

7. He won’t let you have a life outside of him. He doesn’t want you to join the gym. He doesn’t want you to take a cooking class or a painting class. He doesn’t even want you to work. He wants you to remain inside of the house where he knows you are isolated.

8. He attempts to control your every behavior. He tells you which people you are allowed to hang out with on weekends. He tells you which outfits you are allowed to wear in front of other men. He tells you what you are permitted to do and not do, because he doesn’t trust you enough to let you make your own decisions.

9. He places the blame for his jealousy on you. He makes comments about how he wouldn’t act so jealous if you wore more conservative clothing, if you were less flirtatious, if you were a better partner to him. He acts like you are the problem instead of acknowledging he is the one who needs to work on his attitude.