9 Small Truths For Achieving A Happy Carefree Life


  1. Accept that the people you love will let you down. People are fallible. Their tactics even more so. Even those with the best intentions will one day let you down. The sooner you are able to take the people you love off pedestals and regard them as human beings, the less you will hurt when you are invariably let down.
  2. Grieve the things you have lost fully before you let them go. The problem in our culture is, we emphasise letting go, but we do not emphasise how important it is to actually grieve the things that have hurt us fully, or else is is impossible to let them go. The residue remains in our heart if we let them go before we are ready, and the pain always makes its way back because of it.
  3. …But do remember letting go especially of people is extremely important. People will come into your life, plant flowers and leave. It is important to learn how to let them go without letting those flowers wither.
  4. Have faith in something greater than yourself. Believe that you are here for a purpose, that your goals are accepted, that the universe meant to put you here. If you believe in God, then trust His judgement. If you are a more avid believer in science, then understand that the creation of you was an impossibility in itself. Your existence is due to a multitude of incredible things happening at just the right time.
  5. Don’t be afraid of judgement and hate. The truth is, we all get judged. And we’re all terrified of it. Someone once said to me “What other people think about you, is none of your business.” and this has kind of stuck with me. Even if someone has someone offensive to say about you, it is a reflection on them, not on you.
  6. ...But stand up for yourself. This applies when people are actually causing problems in your life. If someone is making trouble for you at work, don’t ignore it, confront them. If someone is making your home life difficult, sit them down and talk to them, clear the air. Mature, happy people prefer to have a conversation rather than do petty things like make others miserable.
  7. Spread the love. Do something nice for someone else. It could be anything as long as it is for another person. Get your mum some flowers. Help someone achieve a goal. Help out a friend in need. Just exercise your right to be kind. You won’t believe how good you will feel by the end of it.
  8. Celebrate the little things. You’re the only one who gets to see them, so celebrate them. You got out of bed today and did everything on your to do list. You finally managed to beat that particular boss in a video game. You managed to finish that painting you were working on. You read a beautiful new book that surprised you with an epiphany on your own life. You grew out of a bad habit. Celebrate all of that stuff. You deserve it.
  9. Learn to appreciate how much you have survived. Remember all that time you have worried? All the things that nearly tore you apart? All of the sadness that made you think you won’t make it through another day? Well here you are, still existing, still living. If you appreciate how much you have survived, you will understand that you can wholly depend on yourself. And this is a miraculous and marvelous thing to understand about yourself.