9 Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now


While Lady Gaga and Katy Perry try to fight off newcomer Lorde for the coveted Number 1 spot on iTunes, and while this writer heralds the death of the music industry and the pop record as such, lots of amazing, delicious, exciting things have been happening in music! For instance, Solange just released an outstanding compilation record called Saint Heron on her new independent label Saint Records, filled with 12 brand new, international voices in creative R&B. “Cash In,” her own contribution to the album, is a transcendental trip. Here are 9 new (ish) songs you should be listening to right now if you want to be awesome at life/be liked by society.

1. “Run Away,” Niconé & Sascha Braemer


I love this song because it pairs that driving techno groove with smooth-as-silk vocals. Techno has never sounded so much like radio-friendly pop music! Only to a certain extent, though. Too much more radio friendliness and we would obviously have to turn it off.

2. “Cash In,” Solange


Solange serves up transcendental-experimental R&B on “Cash In,” the last track from the stunning Saint Heron compilation, the first record on Solange’s Saint Records label. Wherever there’s Solange, an unbridled “yaaass!” is not too far away.

3. Untitled (Unreleased), Jamie xx


Previously unreleased Jamie xx goodness.

4. “Jackin’,” Maan


This one’s sure to get you moving.

5. “Hearts,” Darkside


The beautiful landscape between electronic music, that singer songwriter-y sound and rock, brought to you by the ever perfect Nico Jaar and Dave Harrington.

6. “Together,” Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers, Disclosure, Jimmy Napes


Why yes, there are a whole lot of folks attached to this track, but JFC is it smooth! If this funky jam doesn’t get it on and poppin for you I’m not sure you’re even a real human.

7. “Something In My Heart,” Röyksopp


New electro-pop jam from everybody’s favorite Norwegian duo!

8. “Small + Lost,” Ryan Hemsworth (featuring Sinead Harnett)


The production skills in this one are just top notch, as to be expected where Ryan Hemsworth is concerned.

9. “Colder,” Bedlam


And now, a new track from your new favorite London production duo Bedlam. No one knows anything about them yet, and they only have two songs right now. But, if these two tunes are any indication, we can look forward to more amazing, slick electro R&B in 2014.

image – Shutterstock