9 Struggles You Experience When You Love To Be Fit, But Dread Working Out


1. You buy cute workout clothes.

You stumble across a hot pink sports bra with matching shorts that you just can’t resist, and you’re desperately hoping this will motivate you to choose the gym over Netflix. You’ll definitely go to the gym if you have cute clothes to go there in. Right?

2. You tell yourself, ‘That was my workout for the day.’

When you sprint three blocks to catch your train home from work, you’re convinced you’ve burned just as many calories as you would if you were to actually work out. Carrying those groceries up three flights of stairs eliminates your need for bicep curls.

3. You go to the gym religiously only immediately after you sign up.

You signed up March 1st, and you went to the gym five days a week…until March 20th rolled around and you were like, “Okay I can take a little gym break for one week.” It’s now September and the amount of times you made an appearance over the summer you can count on one hand.

4. You worry that the person at the front desk of your gym will say, ‘I haven’t seen you in a while.’

In reality, they might not even remember you because you don’t go all that often, but your mind is still set on using that as a legitimate excuse.

5. You have workout equipment in your own home, but rarely use it.

That exercise ball you invested in, that takes up about a quarter of your living room rarely gets used, and when it does it’s mostly for fun. It’s meant to sculpt abs, but you love using it as a bouncy chair, or as a harmless giant object to throw at your roommate.

6. You buy workout DVDs.

You know you struggle with the physical act of getting to the gym, so you buy workout DVDs hoping you’ll bypass that obstacle. You tell yourself you’re going to workout from home, but then you worry what the people in your building will think you’re doing with all of that stomping around. When you see your cute, downstairs neighbor by the mailboxes you feel the need to offer an explanation, meanwhile he has no idea what you’re talking about, and you just embarrassed yourself even more than him hearing your three minutes of jogging in place the night before.

7. You don’t over exert yourself in your workout.

You like to keep your workouts simple and un-exhausting. You love the machines that tell you you’re burning 300 calories in 30 minutes because you don’t feel all that tired. You look over at the people doing pushups and burpees and other exercises you don’t even think have names, and you become envious of their flexing muscles, but you see their sweat covered tank tops and think to yourself, I’ll try that another day.

8. You like being active in ways that don’t make you feel like you’re working out.

In your eyes, Zumba is the best thing that has happened since sliced bread. If you’re going to workout you don’t want to be thinking, “Good god, when is this going to end?!” You love to have fun with your workouts, and you’ll choose dancing around with middle aged women over the phenomenon of cross fit any day of the week.

9. You incorporate mini-exercises into your daily routine.

You feel like a lazy bum because you haven’t been to the gym in ages, but with your busy schedule it’s hard to find time, or that’s at least what you tell yourself. Since you’re too exhausted by the end of your work day, you do lunges in the office kitchen while you wait for your lunch in the microwave. You figure little exercises throughout your day will add up to something. At least you are trying!