9 Subtle Things A Girl Does When She’s Too Nice To Say She’s Not Into You


1. When you ask her out she awkwardly giggles and looks away. Her smiley but distant gaze is her trying to find an excuse not to go out with you, or a polite way to say, “No thanks.” She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, but she also doesn’t want to waste your time, or hers.

2. She tells you she is sort of seeing someone else. If she were only “sort of” seeing someone else, she wouldn’t let that stop her from seeing you. Don’t press her any further on this, when you say you just want to get to know her, you’re making her feel bad for not wanting to date you. You shouldn’t want a girl who is only “sort of” sure about liking you anyway, find someone who is certain.

3. She tells you she is taking a break from the dating scene. This may be true, but if she truly felt there was chemistry, she’d give you a chance whether she’s on the dating map or not.

4. She mentions her worst qualities. In hopes that you’ll find them unattractive and stop pursuing her.

5. She keeps her friend extremely close to her for your entire conversation. She most likely told her friend to not leave her alone with you. Her friend gave her the, “Oh! You like him?!” look, and she responded with the, “If you leave me right now I will kill you with my bare hands and clutch,” look. If she’s into you, her friend will slyly disappear, when she’s not into you, her friend is a strategic cock block.

6. She makes no effort to maintain conversation. When you’re basically having a conversation with yourself, she’s too nice to blatantly stop you from talking.

7. If you’re at a bar, she tells you she has to go to the bathroom, and then you see her talking to someone else. If she wanted to find you after going to the bathroom she would. If you both make eye contact, and she still doesn’t come up to you, that’s saying something without really saying it. It’s okay, show her you can make conversation with someone who actually enjoys talking to you.

8. When you ask her questions, she gives vague or short answers. “What do you do?” “I’m a student.” “What are you studying?” “Math.” “Do you like it?” “It’s okay.” There’s nowhere to go from there, and she’s well aware of that.

9. She tells you she has a friend who’d be perfect for you. She most likely knows you’re interested in her, but she feels bad that it’s not mutual. In hopes of not insulting you or hurting your feelings, she tries to set you up with someone else. A sympathy set up isn’t what you were hoping for, but it could be worse.