9 Surprising Things You Will Learn From This New Lil Wayne Song That You Have To Hear


Here are the things you will learn from “Drunk In Love” featuring Christina Milian.

1. Lil Wayne hates the way a woman’s vagina smells

Wayne only likes vaginas with no detectable odor or taste, like water. Note he specifically says “like water” and so I think I’m making a fair assumption about his preferences.

2. Christina Milian does not need your favors

Christina is a powerful women that embodies power and independence. She wants to learn her own lessons and make her own mistakes. She is to be respected for this. Also, she wishes to fucked and hard at that. Do not take it easy on her. She is a powerful, independent woman. She can handle it.

3. These two don’t make love

They gon be fukin all night. They ain’t makin looooove. Makin love is for homos or something and Lil Wayne is #nohomo #teamnohomo.

4. Because of superdrink “Dank,” Lil Wayne can have sex for a full 24 hours straight

This is 100% absolutely not a lie or a slight exaggeration. Lil Wayne is known for his sexual prowess and stamina because of Dank, a superdrink of Wayne’s own creation that has yet to be understood by scientists or medical professionals. Under the influence of Dank, he has been known to kill women by giving them too many cummies.

5. Christina Milian is “gon get this dik”

She is. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

6. Skateboard is euphemism for penis, specifically Lil Wayne’s penis

Christina is “pornotalkin'” and enjoys riding and grinding on the skateboard (penis). She also says she’s surfing on it which is impossible. I’m not sure she knows what a skateboard (penis) is.

7. During the talking portion of the song, Lil Wayne reorients his listeners

He wants to remind them as to what album they’re listening to in case they meant to play some different album. He wants them to know this is “that sorry 4 the wait 2.” He is correct in this assertion.

8. Lil Wayne is very relevant

This song is unique not only within its genre but also among all musics of all ages. This has never been done before, a song of this kind. The subject matter is fertile ground and will no doubt unleash armies of pretenders seeking to, somehow, emulate its stylings and groundbreaking lyrics.

9. This song is 4 minutes and 55 seconds long

That is perhaps the second most amazing thing about this song with the first being its general amazingness.

featured image – Georgetown Voice