9 Things College Kids Will Actually Do Over Winter Break


Your finals are slowly coming to an end and Winter Break is right around the corner.  You’re tired. Tired from your lack of sleep, tired of the food of campus, tired of work-study, tired of getting out of bed at 9 in the morning for a four hour lab. You just want to GO HOME. Well, for a lucky few, winter break has already started. Excited to go away? Excited to see your friends and family back home? After the first two weeks of fun, here’s what your winter break will actually look like.

1. Sleep 24/7

You will sleep. You will sleep from 12am to 4pm every day. When you wake up, it will be dark outside, in which you will get up, go potty, eat, and fall right back to sleep. You need it. You deserve it. FINALS ARE OVER.

2. Finish an entire season of your favorite TV Show in one day

Whether it’s The Mentalist, Dr. Who, Psych, Breaking Bad, or Cyberchase, you will watch episodes from dawn to dusk and promptly fall asleep mid-season. The average episode is 35 minutes long. Let’ do some simple math: 35 minutes x 15 episodes = 525 minutes. That’s 8.75 hours. Guys, just remember the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes you stare at the computer screen, take 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away.

3. Eat yourself into a food coma

Like actual, good food made by people who CARE about what your taste palette needs.  After 12 weeks of eating cafeteria food made by robots, coming home to your mom’s cooking is like winning the lottery (okay, maybe not as great). Pace yourselves folks. You can die from overeating.

4. Study for MCATS, complete internship applications, study abroad applications

The one thing that separates Winter Break from Summer Recess is the amount of “work” you actually have to do. That’s right, I’m talking about all those applications you have to complete if you actually want to do something “fruitful” to your career over the summer. And if you’re trying to go to Med School or Law School, MCATS and LSATS are right around the corner.

5. Get a Haircut

You needed a haircut three weeks ago, so you went downtown to the local barber shop or you paid your friend’s roommate’s brother $5 to cut your hair….and they butchered it. No one else knows your hair like the same hairdresser you’ve been going to for the past 15 years. It’s time to pamper yourself. It’s time to rant, b*tch, and tell her all about the time you rode around campus on a bike butt naked.


Okay. Winter Break isn’t as lame as I’m making it out to be. Actually, it’ll be tons of fun on the weekend. This is what college students are known to do. Yes, I mean party until you don’t remember who wrote their number on your chest last night. You’re back home and all your friends are home too. And what happens when you put a bunch of 19-20 somethings in the same room? It’s time to perfect that pong ball arch so you can dominate the field when you’re back in college.


It’s cold at home. Unless you’re living in Ecuador where it’s sunny all year round, it’s time to travel somewhere nice and sunny. This accounts for the two weeks where you will spend your time away from college actually doing something productive and fun. It’s time to get off Netflix.


You’ve got time on your hands, a ton of time on your hands And since you’re a college student, that automatically puts you in a million dollars in debt (okay, maybe not a million). For most federal student loans, that means you have to start paying the government back six months after you graduate. If you’re one of the privileged few who’s going to graduate without loans, well you’re still going to need some spending money next semester. You’ll work at that local pet food store or odd jobs on Craigslist, but work you will.

9. Wait for College to Start Again

Let’s be real. Winter Break is fun, but you don’t get the freedom at home that you do when you’re in college. You were sick of college because you were looking forward to Christmas and New Years. Admit it: the only time you dreaded college was that week when you had five finals back to back, on top of a research paper and two labs. You’re ready to go back. It’s the homestretch – the last week – and you can’t wait to see all the knuckleheads you live and breathe the same air with 54856 miles away from home. Home was nice, but you left home to college for a reason: to study, to work hard, and to party.