9 Things Only Dancers Understand


1. Tap Dancing in Public. Chances are if you took tap you will never forget your shuffle ball-changes and when you’re bored you will do them in public. Waiting in line is an especially tempting time.

2. Car Dancing. We’re all guilty of car dancing when a song you had a dance to comes on. This often involves short movements that look quite silly since you can’t perform full out in sequins in your car.

3. The Sock Bun. We had this thing down pat before it was popular with the plebes. We did it when you actually used a sock with the toe cut off instead of those pre-made roll things (which defeats the point of calling it a sock bun).

4. Choreography. I personally do this one all the time. I’ll be sitting in my car or at work and I’ll hear a song with a good beat and I’ll start doing choreography in my head. Oh snap a grand jete would be Ah-mazing at this part.

5. Posture. Thou shall not slouch otherwise the ghost fingers of your ballet teacher when you were three will poke you in the back.

6. Flexibility. One of the perks of dancing is you build up flexibility and if you do it long enough it sticks. It may become less, but it’s still there.

7. Walking to the counts of the music. You’re at the club and your jam comes on. You’re leading the way to the dance floor and you better bet you’re stomping it out to the counts of the music.

8. Actually just counting music. You can’t forget how to do this. You can pick up at any point in the song and find the beat to count. And I mean any point and any song.

9. Core Muscles. Since dance focuses on using core muscles, the muscles there are the strongest (duh). This means we can do endless sit ups and squats. And we will forever have “thunder thighs” and I take that term as a compliment.