9 Things That Happen When You And Your Sibling Are Complete Opposites But Love Each Other Anyway


1. They told you numerous times you were adopted.

Growing up your sibling would tell you this all of the time. First you cried, then you believed him/her, and then you asked your mom and dad if it was true.

2. Your friends (and theirs) always say, ‘I can’t believe you two are related.’

You’re related by blood, but that’s basically the only thing you have in common.

3. When you had the same teachers they were shocked you were his/her sibling.

They recognized your last name when taking attendance, and were most likely terrified or surprised. Your brother was the loud boy making fart noises with his arm pit and you were the girl who covered your test answers because you were scared of cheaters. You were either the sibling teachers hated, or loved.

4. People assume you have the same athletic abilities.

Your sister runs 10 miles a day and you’re out of breath from trying to catch the train. You and your sibling don’t have the same stamina, but more than that, you simply don’t have the same interest in athletic pursuits. One sibling only runs when someone or something is chasing them, and the other does it ‘just for fun.’

5. Sometimes you find your opposite personalities actually complement one another.

When you’re really tired and just don’t feel like talking at your grandmother’s 80th birthday party, their constant extroverted energy is your lifesaver. No one will even notice you’re quiet over the boisterous laughter your sibling has filled the room with.

6. Other times you find your opposite personalities make you want to rip your hair out.

This is when their constant extroverted energy is not comforting, but exhausting. Like when you took those long drives to the beach with your family growing up and you’d both be in the backseat playing cards for the past 4 hours only because one of you would not let the other stop playing. “Want to play again?!” “No.” *Your sibling starts dealing the cards again.*

7. You constantly notice how different you both are.

In the car, out to eat, on your birthday, It never ceases to amaze you just how truly different you both are. You’re blue, they’re red; you’re winter, they’re summer; you two are complete opposites.

8. You both talk about which parent you are more like.

You have your mom’s artistic talent and he has your dad’s sense of humor. Which one is better is a never-ending argument that has no solution.

9. You appreciate each other’s differences.

You might not be able to run 10 miles or be the center of attention, but your sibling feels the same exact way about your personality and skills. You both recognize the other’s strengths because many of them are your weaknesses, and while occasionally you become jealous or annoyed, you wouldn’t have your relationship any other way.