9 Things Women Appreciate More Than Dick Pics


1. When you listen to her. Women appreciate a man who is attentive and genuinely listening to the words they’re saying. When texting, bring up something she said in a previous conversation to let her know you’ve been present in your conversations, instead of sending her a picture of your penis for no reason.
2. When you surprise her. Women love a man who keeps them on their toes. You know what kind of surprises women don’t like? Opening a Snapchat thinking it’s something funny from you but it’s actually just a pic of your disgusting dick that was not requested in any shape or form. Oh god…it’s actually a video.
3. When you respect her. You need to be mindful of a woman’s comfort level and respect her wishes; a woman should always feel safe around you.  Literally the opposite of using up a woman’s data by sending her unwanted digital images of your wiener that you, for whatever reason, decided needed to have a sepia tone filter applied to it.

4. When you get to know her. Make an honest effort to get to know her as an individual. You need to go beyond favorite movies, TV shows and things like that; try to get a grasp on her outlook on the world in general through genuine conversation. She will appreciate this way more than you asking her if she’s into Breaking Bad and then sending her a picture of your dick with a little Heisenberg hat on.

5. When you make her feel special. No woman wants to feel like she’s just another option for you. Don’t approach this with the attitude that maybe something better is out there; see where this takes you and go from there. One thing that definitely doesn’t make a girl feel special is a surprise penis portrait with just the word “sup?” sent with it.

6. When you are honest with her. There’s really no substitute for the truth. If you’re into her, let her know. If you’re the kind of guy that think it’s okay to ambush unsuspecting and innocent women just trying to meet someone with a cellular flashing, then you know, build a spaceship and ride it into the vast unknown of space and stay there forever.

7. When you refuse to play games. Don’t do the whole “I’m going to show this girl how much I’m into her by not texting her back” thing. Answer her texts when you see them, and if she’s answering your texts with 2 day waits in between, she’s probably into games and not someone who is ready for anything substantial. No strong relationship started with six months of them just fucking with each other. Additionally, no good relationship has started with an unsolicited dick pick within 5 minutes of initial conversation.

8. When you’re interest is deeper than surface attraction. Yes, attraction is important but not everything. Don’t look at her girl and decide she’s everything you wanted in your whole life just based on her face. Also, don’t decide a girl is a certain way because she posted a picture of herself in a bathing suit in the summer and get mad when she didn’t want a picture of your horrid boner.

9. When you don’t send a thousand texts in a row. People are busy, and you need to be patient when you just start talking to someone. If you don’t get a text in an hour, just assume she’s busy and will get back to you. Don’t send her a dick pick and when she doesn’t respond, be like “Hey, Hi, hey, u there?, what’s up, do you hate me?” Of course she hates you. That was ridiculous.

Don’t send her a picture of your dick

Is this life? Am I really writing this? It’s crazy how many girls tell me dudes just decide they’re going to send them a picture of their dick and act like that’s an acceptable thing to do.  Anytime you think a girl is hinting at wanting a dick pic after you’ve been talking for 5 minutes, you’re wrong. Even if they do say that, they’re probably just showing it to their friends while they all laugh because like, what the fuck dude?