9 Things You Get Offended By But You Should Probably Just Let Go


1. When you’re usually the one to text first

If you overthink it, it feels like your friends don’t care enough to want to know what’s up with you. And sure enough, when you stop texting first, there literally is zero communication, something to get offended by yeah?

If you don’t, it’s whatever.

Some friendships are strong despite the lack of communication. Some aren’t.

Choose wisely I guess. You don’t need to be upset over this and let it ruin your day. Or worse, you end up sitting by your phone all day waiting for a text or contemplating whether you should send one.

2. When your friends are always too busy

Because everyone is busy today. To get offended by this means to be offended by literally everybody today.

I personally think that a true friend will realize that they get to be busy anytime they want for the rest of their life and so will break free from it to make time for you.

If they do, that’s awesome. If not, well, it sucks, but you  don’t have to harp on it. You shouldn’t be too harsh on them either because you’d just reek of deep insecurities as you cry for attention.

Just move on. There are others out there who are willing to hang and chill out with you.

3. When your friends create social media drama and drag you in

Fuck that.

Only immature losers who lack self-preservation seek validation via drama online.

And only weak people get offended by it.

Just stay out of it. It’s your best option. To get offended by it and attempting to deal with it will only expose a deep, dark rabbit hole where everybody is just pissed with each other. Rise above that shit.

4. When your friends are cheating

As sad as it sounds, infidelity is extremely common today. Even the sacred union that is marriage don’t mean a thing to some.

It’s disgusting. It’s downright disturbing in fact, especially when kids are involved.

But to be offended by this would honestly mean losing a lot of friends. It’s also pretty hard to be objective sometimes when both parties have their own stories.

Ultimately, realize that it’s their affair. Focus on your own relationship instead.

5. When your mom nags incessantly

Because all moms do that.

It’s whatever. They mean well anyway. Mostly.

6. When there’s a piece of disturbing news or disgusting, viral video online

Don’t read it. Don’t watch it. Hide it from your feed.

It’s just not healthy and it can potentially ruin your day.

7. When that stranger bumps into you, doesn’t apologize and gives you that ugly look

Everybody is pissed off, if you think about it.

Let it go. Move on and be happy yourself.

8. When the customer service staff is kind of rude

They just hate their jobs.

They just hate their lives.

Take your business elsewhere.

9. When everything fucks up

It’s not bad karma.

It’s not the state of the world.

It’s not bad people.

It’s not your fault.

It’s just a bad day.

Chill. Go home. Go back to sleep.

Tomorrow will be better.