9 Things You’re Entitled To Be Really Mad About When Dating


1. Never being on time for/standing you up on dates, and not informing you if something is holding them up.

This only excusable for genuine reasons such as being stuck in traffic with a dead phone battery, an emergency, etc. And even then, if it has happened one too many times, well, how many emergencies can one person go through in a short period of time?

2. They’re constantly checking their phone when they are with you.

If they do this, how important could you be to them?

3. Taking unimportant and easily avoidable calls when they are with you.

Same as #2.

4. If they bump into someone they know when they’re out with you, they ditch you for that person.

Or even ask them to join you and then completely ignore you throughout the remainder of the ‘date’. That’s equally unacceptable.

5. Always having an excuse for why they can’t pay for themselves.

Unless you being the one to pay on dates is the mutually established dynamic of your relationship, this behaviour stinks of stinginess and taking advantage of you.

6. Knowingly insulting things that you like or are important to you.

Anyone who does this is a downright asshole. Having a healthy debate or telling them if you think something is bad for them, is different from simply insulting things that you fully know are important to the person you’re dating simply because you do not like them.

7. Mistreating your friends.

It is okay if your SO and your friends don’t get along like a house on fire. They don’t even have to like each other. But if you are important to them, they will not mistreat other people who are important to you. They should not. If they treat you great but behave horribly with your friends, then their treatment of you is probably not a true reflection of the person they are.

8. Invading your privacy.

This can be done in a broad range of ways. It can be something like reading your emails/text messages without permission, or going through your stuff without asking when your relationship is not yet serious enough. Violating your partner’s privacy (and by this I mean doing something that is not previously established as acceptable behaviour. If you’re one of those couples who openly reads each other’s messages, well, good for you), whether you have been on two dates or are married, is not okay just because they are your partner.

9. Sharing extremely intimate details about your relationship with other people.

Okay, so let’s be real, people do tend to discuss some extent of intimate details with their close friends for advice. If you and your partner are okay with this, then doing it to a certain limit is alright. But telling one’s friends about things that they know their partner would feel uncomfortable about if they knew other people know is simply not fair. When a person dates another you, it is understood that there are things you reveal to one another that are meant for the two of you only, be it your body or a secret about your life. And if someone violates that, you are fully allowed to be pissed off.