9 Thoughts She Has When You Ignore Her Texts


Keeping calm when a loved one ignores your text messages isn’t easy.

For me, it’s impossible.

Sometimes, my mind assumes the worse. But mostly, I’m just annoyed. A series of thoughts rush through my mind. They are:

1. Um, heeeelloooo?!

Why are you ignoring my texts? Stop ignoring me.

This question is super important.

Doesn’t he know I’m trying to reach him?

2. OMG it takes two seconds to respond.

Why is he playing hard to get?

Like, I know you read the text. Pick up the phone and say what’s up.

This isn’t rocket science.

3. This mafuka.

He knows how much I hate this.

He’s doing this on purpose.

Why am I letting this bother me so much?

4. I know you read my message.

Yea. Did you forget that I can see that you looked at your phone?

Thank you, Apple!

5. Seriously, though?

Are you legit not going to text me back?

What are you, working?

6. Did I piss you off?

I said something wrong.

I shouldn’t have sent that text. I knew it! I should have just waited.

What’s wrong with me? Is there something wrong with me?

7. This isn’t funny.

Okay, now you’re doing this shit on purpose.

See, you’re playing games again. I told you I’m not about that life.

This is why we fight. Right here. This is why.

8. Did something happen?

Are you okay? Is everything alright?

Now I’m worried. You know how I worry.

Are you in pain? Were you texting and driving again?

Just let me know that you’re okay.

9. Wow, you’re annoying

Like, really annoying.