9 Types of Guys You Run Into At A College Tailgate


1. The friend who’s visiting

This is the new guy from out of town who is wearing your school’s sweatshirt not because he went there, but because his friend loaned it to him so he wouldn’t look entirely out of place. He fits in eventually, but it takes him some time to learn the basics, when you have to teach him the school’s chant, you know he didn’t go there.

2. The kid who continuously drinks too much

This is the guy that after a few hours you have no idea what he’s saying. When he can’t form a complete sentence and his eyes are half glazed over you see his friends try to tell him to put the beer down, and he does, but two seconds later he picks up the bottle of Jack.

3. The frat boy

It’s 34 degrees outside, and this kid is wearing Sperrys. He may have on your team’s jersey, but he is sure to wear at least one accessory with his fraternity advertised. He’s all about that greek life.

4. The football team’s groupie

He is the team’s number one fan; he would sleep with them if he could. He lives for the games, and don’t even try to distract him while he’s watching. If he misses a play you will never hear the end of it.

5. The mother hen

He is the domesticated one of the group. When you crush a beer can with your bare hands and throw it on the ground in triumph he comes over to pick it up and put it in the trash. He likes to make sure that everyone is clean, happy, and well-fed. When he cooks up his delicious chili you don’t mind.

6. The kid who takes drinking games way too seriously

You’re scared to play him in beer pong not because he’s good, but because he will freak out if he loses. When he asks you to be on his team you have a small panic attack.

7. The kid who bought a bus specifically for tailgating

He loves to tailgate, which is why he bought a bus so he could do it every weekend. He is usually the life of the party because he is genuinely thrilled to be there.

8. The guy who passes out before the game begins

He has good intentions, but he just can’t handle the waking up at 8 am lifestyle to tailgate a game that begins at noon.

9. The professional

He talks to everyone, entertains everyone, and if there ever were a professional tailgater, he’d be one. He’s all around awesome and makes the entire experience worthwhile, even if you’re playing flip cup in below freezing temperatures.