9 Ways To Be A More Badass Woman


1. Think about yourself

I’m not saying be a selfish asshole but, to be cliche – if you can’t put you first than how can you expect anyone else to? Think about what you need and want and make that happen. It’s human nature to consider how our actions impact other people (or at least it should be if your a normal human who wasn’t raised by wolves) but every once in a while I say, fuck it, do what makes you happiest without a second thought.

2. Be tough

Don’t let all the petty things get to you – toughen up. Be mentally and physical strong (or at least put on some gym clothes and fake it) by pushing yourself harder, further, and faster. Have an athlete mentality in every aspect of you life and try to make it seem effortless. Don’t take things personally, instead use a lot of thing as motivation to only become tougher.

3. Be on your grind

Work hard. No, work harder than you ever have. Be the best at what you do professionally (or educationally. I’m looking at you freshmen) because that’s what straight up OG’s do (no literally, gangsta’s are all about #thatgrind). Doesn’t matter if you’re a not the boss yet, act like your the boss. Spend more hours working on a pitch, or be the first one in the office and the last one out. It’s not about kissing ass it’s about not letting anything else come between you and your goals.

4. Take risks

This weekend I met a guy who was pretty cool and we had this really good vibe going. I definitely was interested in hanging out with him again and thought he probably felt the same way but it was one of those, chance encounters, one-time only, never cross paths again things. Anyway I ended up finding him on Facebook and I really wanted to ask him for his number but like most girls I didn’t want to come off too desperate or interested (plus the societal taboo about girls making the first move and such). Then I just did it. Confidence. (and also I didn’t have an investment in the outcome one way or another, so nothing to lose really).

5. Be bold

Move someplace new. Cut your hair. Travel the world. Get a tattoo (but a tasteful one, not something stupid like a Tinkerbell tattoo). Do something big because that’s what Mindy Kaling would do (I pretty much live and breath by WWMKD – what would Mindy Kaling do) and she is the ultimate badass (other notables include Michelle Obama’s stylist, Blair Waldorf, Hilary Clinton, and Beyonce for obvious reasons).

6. Ask for what you want

This applies in all areas of your life. If you want something in your relationship you’re not getting, ask for it. If you boss isn’t supporting you the way you need, ask for it. You don’t need to be demanding or harsh but the ability to advocate for what you need and want is a skill that will only enhance your overall badassness (yes, I know that’s not a word).

7. Be healthy

Take care of your body, emotionally and physically. Know when you need to rest, know when you need to eat and try to keep everything in moderation (unless it’s wine… because I mean, wine.) Be active, not because you’re trying to achieve some goal weight but because you actually want to be alive to meet your grandchildren. Have things you know how to cook that are yummy but also not all that bad for your heart.

8. Have good friendships

Good friends only make you a better person because they push you to be better. They boost your confidence, they support you when you’re down, in essence making it possible for you to be unstoppable. Every superhero has a sidekick and that’s what fiends are – you’re their sidekick and their yours.

9. Know your worth

know it financially, and romantically. Know when something’s not worth your time or your energy. Have confidence in what you bring to the table to know when it’s time to walk away. The most best thing you can be is yourself and if that’s not enough for someone else be badass enough to drop the mic and walk away.