9 Ways You Know You’re Dating Someone Who Works In Retail During The Holidays


1. You aren’t actually sure what they look like anymore. You used to seem them for dinner, but forget about that now, they’re dealing with busy, after-work shoppers and staying much later at the store to deal with the increased time it takes to restock and close the cash registers. For all you know they’ve grown a beard or dyed their hair blonde.

2. You can’t do anything with them that involves standing. They’ve had enough of that, thank-you-very-much.

3. You would never, ever, EVER be rude to a retail worker or a cashier. You know they don’t make the store policies, they’re just forced to follow them even when they’re extremely unpopular with customers. You sympathize with them too much not to try to make up for their angry customers by being extra patient and extra nice.

4. You know about the dark, dark side of humanity that is customer’s on a the-customer-is-always-right power trip yelling at some poor, underpaid retail worker. For some reason people get off on the fact that retail workers have to be nice to them and take whatever bullshit they feel like giving out. Being rude to a retail worker is like leaving an anonymous comment on the internet, when people aren’t looking some people let the worst in them come out and unleash it instead of having integrity.

5. When they actually aren’t working, they’re suddenly a complete homebody. They don’t want to go anywhere or do anything, especially anything that involves crowds or people. It’s okay though, it’s the perfect time of year to stay snuggled on the couch, just vegging out and relaxing together.

6. They know all the words to every Christmas song. Every. Damn. Song.

7. Your holiday shopping is easier since everyone on their list they can buy presents for from their store is done, on the clock and at a discount. Your home is also suspiciously full of all the freebies they had to give away during special holiday sales…

8. You feel sad that they have to spend Thanksgiving night and Christmas eve working, but you get over it. That’s life, you make it work and just develop your own schedule and time to celebrate together and with your families. You may not be able to do what everyone else is doing, but you still celebrate, you still enjoy the season for what it is and overall, you’re proud of them for doing what they need to do to support themselves.

9. If any of your friends bitch about a bad experience they had with a retail worker, you know that the problem was probably them and feel sorry some poor soul had to deal with them. If this happens while you’re actually with them, you apologize to the worker in question. After knowing all your So goes through, there’s no way you’re going to be a party to this.