90 Abbreviations For Millennials Who Refuse To Be Limited By The Constructs Of Grammar


Brevity is its own currency in the Millennial world. Sometimes people aren’t worth your time so speaking in full sentences, let alone full words is completely out of the question. Sometimes your co-worker is communicating with you via text, Slack, GChat, and Instagram all at the same time and you need to respond as efficiently as possible. Sometimes you have a very long and involved dramatic story to tell and you don’t want to be that friend who takes an hour to get to the point, but whatever your reason, don’t let anyone ever shame you for the part you play in the evolution of language. Shakespeare invented as many words as he needed, and now it’s time for us to shorten them…

1. Abbreves

2. Alc

3. Apps

4. Avo

5. Bae

6. Bevs

7. Bro

8. Carbs

9. Cardio

10. Celeb

I’m only really a fan of celebs with abbreves for names, like KStew and JLaw, but my favorite cardio is dancing to J.Lo, aka bae, while sharing bevs and avo topped apps with my bros, but if we overdo it on the alc, we can always soak it up with carbs after.

11. Champs

12. Chix

13. Choc

14. Cig

15. Condish

16. Convo

17. Cray

18. Cuz

19. Deece

20. Deets

I remember the weirdest deets like that cray convo from Breakfast at Tiff’s where AHeps was like “I hope you like chix in choc sauce” cuz it did not sound even half-way deece, but it was adorbs that the guy had never had champs before breakfast, and their hair was always in perfect condish while they smoked cigs together. 

21. Def

22. Diff

23. Din

24. DM

25. Emo

26. Espesh

27. Essensh

28. Ex

29. Exagg

30. Expectaysh

I was being def kind of emo after my ex DM’d me while I was out to din, which is very diff for me espesh because they have this expectaysh that I exagg everything, but if I’m being honest they’re essensh right.

31. Forevs

32. Fosho

33. G&T

34. Guac

35. Hype

36. Info

37. Inspo

38. Insta

39. Invitaysh

40. Jelly

I got so jelly when I saw my friend’s insta of this guac next to a G&T because we’d been hyping this new spot for forevs and I clearly didn’t get an invitaysh even though I had fosho found all the info for that inspo. 

41. K

42. Kitch

43. Locaysh

44. Long D

45. Mag

46. Mani

47. Margs

48. Mil

49. Mish

50. Mozz

I was on a mish to make mozz in my kitch but I saw a mani in a mag which was one of mil reasons I decided to drink margs instead while thinking of a locaysh to meet my BFF in since we’re currently Long D and she was like ‘K’.

51. Noms

52. Noods

53. Nuggs

54. Pedi

55. Pics

56. Posish

57. Potensh

58. Preggo

59. Presh

60. Prez

I was noming on a ton of noods ands nuggs because I was so stressed over the latest posish our prez took, and it made me feel like I was potensh preggo, but I decided to be body positive and treated myself to a pedi which turned out so presh I took pics. 

61. Probs

62. Profesh

63. Props

64. Reco

65. Reso

66. Sec

67. Sensi

68. Sibs

69. Sig

70. Sis

I gotta give props to my profesh sibs and should probs take a sec to ask my sis for some recos on my reso, like can I list being sensi as a sig skill?

71. Sitch

72. Staysh

73. Sub

74. Submish

75. Supes

76. T

77. T-Bell

78. Tabes

79. Tech

80. Temp

I’ll spill the T – it doesn’t matter what temp it is, no one grabs a tabes at T-Bell because they are supes hi-tech now and you can just hit the submish button in their app and even ask them to sub lettuce for extra cheese, and some guy will understand the sitch from his staysh in the drive-thru window. 

81. Tix

82. Totes

83. Ubs

84. Vape

85. Vaykay

86. Veg

87. Vibe

88. Vol

89. Yolo

90. Z’s

I totes needed chill vibes to veg on my vaykay but I bought these tix to a show because YOLO, but everyone was vaping and the vol was way too loud so I just called an Ubs and went home to catch some Z’s.