A Bartender’s Perfect First Date


Let’s say you’ve finally exchanged phone numbers with your bartender and made plans for you guys to go out on a first date. Whether you’re a guy or a girl in this situation, you should have a good indicator of what’s a great activity that you both can enjoy on that first date. Expensive dinners or nightlife in general (clubs, lounges, etc.) should be avoided at all costs. We in the service industry spend most of our time in nocturnal situations, surrounded by alcohol, so it feels great to be away from such environments when we’re trying to get to know you. The best place that any bartender you meet will have no problem going on a first date is a bowling alley. Bowling is like kryptonite for most bartenders. It’s our weakness. I don’t know what it is about bowling, but there’s something about having a cold beer while knocking down wooden pins with huge polyurethane balls that makes all of us in the service industry weak in the knees. So I’ll give you an example of what the perfect first date should look like:

You want to make sure you meet up with your date already in a nighttime setting. For bartenders in general, we do not consider it a date unless the setting takes place at night. We witness so many intimate events take place at our bars at night that it becomes an almost innate notion for us to spend a majority of our time going out in the evening. So plan for a bowling night around the 6-8 PM timeframe. Going to a nightclub = no. Going bowling at night with a bartender = yes.

It’s key that you avoid using your vehicle on the first date. You want to make sure both you and your date take an Uber to the bowling alley as to lower the chances of either one of you choosing to drink and drive.

You guys are flirting and the conversation is light and not too serious. Somewhere around the middle of the night what you should do is mention that you’ve recently watched this documentary or new series on Netflix that you thought was pretty funny or really informative. What you’re doing is planting seeds into your date’s subconscious mind, concurrently setting up a potential date to take place later that night. Maybe two or three times over a thirty-minute span, mention the documentary (let’s say it’s Blackfish) or a TV series (House of Cards maybe), and see if your bartender date takes the bait. If they mention that they’ve only seen one episode or that they’ve never actually seen that particular documentary on Netflix, then this is your opening. Ask your date if they would be interested in a little Netflix & Chill back at your place. If everything on the date was laid back and effortless then he or she will more than likely say yes to your invitation. The two of you can then share an Uber ride back to your place.

Side note: Bartenders are unlike the average person in the sense that going back to your apartment on a first date is not at all taboo for us. Trust me. If we like you and the chemistry is right, we have no problem spending intimate moments with you alone, so keep that in mind.

The perfect first date for a bartender involves bowling, beer, Netflix, and a nightcap; it honestly is that simple. We aren’t that hard to impress; in fact, we don’t want to be impressed at all. If we’ve decided to go out on a date with you it means we genuinely like you. Use this to your advantage. Treat us like a buddy you’ve known for years when you go out with us, and when the mood is right, make your move. Lean in and go for the make-out. The opportunity will absolutely present itself and all you have to do is live in the moment to capture it. Remember…carpe diem. Seize the day.