A Bumper Sticker Guide To Life Advice: Wisdom In Three Word Mantras


Bend All Rules

Ignore All Fools

Love Out Loud

Don’t Follow Crowds

Tell No Lies

Smile With Eyes

Hurt No Innocents

Always Bring Presents

Abandon No Dream

Eat Ice Cream

Sleep When Time

Avoid Stupid Crime

Eat Many Colors

Suffer No Dullards

Buy Good Shit

Last To Quit

Mind The Gap

Don’t Take Crap

Respect The Divide

Take The Ride

Listen When Confused

Forgive When Abused

Talk To Communicate

Remember To Exfoliate

Recognize Your Bullshit

Don’t Pull Dumbshit

Apologize Without Hesitation

Hug Without Expectation

Remember To Warm-Up

Appreciate The Come-Up

Pick Your Battles

Clean Your Saddles

Savor Each Bite

Flavor Each Night

Enjoy All Flights

Forgive All Slights

All Things Pass

Just Like Grass

Value Your Scars

Fuck In Cars

Chase Your Delight

Laugh And Bite

Learn For Tomorrow

Yesterday Was Tomorrow

Live For Today

Remember To Play

(…Never Say Goodbye)