A Farewell To My Fuckboy


Today I have to say goodbye you; my sweet fuck buddy, my dear fuckboy.

My go-to person I found comfort in when his hands were on me,

The person that has been giving me pleasure for almost a year now.

Month after month you’re my guaranteed person to text for one specific thing

That guaranteed orgasm that I know I will get every time we are together

But now I have to say goodbye

I know I’ve tried to say goodbye to you before

But eventually I returned to you

I came back to you

Knowing full well that it would lead to another orgasm

Another body pressed up against me

Another night where we pretend that it’s okay that we just do one thing

Another night where we roll in the sheets together

And then quickly say goodbye

And go on with our separate lives

We don’t kiss

We don’t cuddle

It’s down to business and it has worked up until now

Up until I’ve found someone I have feelings for

Up until I have found someone I want to do more than just roll in the sheets with,

Someone I want to go out and explore the world with

Instead of just exploring my bed

Because anyone can enter your body

It takes a great man to enter your mind 

Wanting to explore your mind 

Instead of simply wanting to explore your body

So I can’t continue to find pleasure in your arms night after night

Giving my body to someone

Who doesn’t even care to ask how my day was

Who doesn’t even care to ask about my life at all

Other than asking when I’m free again

But that’s okay

We had boundaries and I’m glad we did

It made things easy

It made me not care about you

It made me not fall for you

Which is why it’s so easy to say goodbye 

Because you’re so easy

And you’ll never be enough