A Farewell To My Twenties


One day you’re moving through your twenties. Then, before you know it, you’re approaching 30.

Just like that, it happens.

I don’t know all that it’ll bring, but I’m going to lean into this new adventure, the unexpected and the unknown, boldly, fearlessly, unapologetically, and courageously.

I spent a great portion of my twenties playing things safe. Following the rules. Laying low. Being timid, fearful, doubtful, self-conscious, caring way too much what other people thought of me. Seeking approval and acceptance. Following the expectations of what others thought was best for me too. I also prayed and waited and searched for love and got short-changed in the process. And how could I forget about all the disappointments, rejections, mistakes, failures, and setbacks? It’s certainly been a ride, and I’m ready to say farewell.

Farewell to my twenties.

Farewell to holding grudges.

Farewell to peer pressure.

Farewell to being mean to my body and being hard on myself about a number on the scale. I choose to look and feel healthy and be kind to myself.

Farewell to bad financial decisions.

Farewell to “I thought I’d be further along than I am right now…”

Farewell to “I thought I’d be married by now.”

Farewell to the guys who chose the other girls over me.

Farewell to overthinking.

Farewell to all the friends I needed to let go of and to the ones who walked away. You all taught me so much.

Farewell to getting relaxers. We had to break up. I needed to have a nice and healthy mane. The natural hair journey has had its challenges, but overall, it’s been worth it.

Farewell to opportunities I went for and didn’t get. Better things came along, and I believe even more await.

Farewell to hiding in the background. I will step into the spotlight.

Farewell to being afraid to take new risks.

Farewell to my old wardrobe. You served your purpose, but it was time to step my game up.

Farewell to silencing and lowering my voice and feeling guilty for the times I stood up for myself. I can’t afford to be silent. Not anymore.

Farewell to crying and getting worked up about people and things that don’t deserve my attention or energy.

Farewell to being guarded out of fear of being vulnerable. Vulnerability and showing empathy don’t make you weak. They’re some of your strongest traits.

Farewell to trying to fit in with people who will never fully embrace you. You don’t need their acceptance or approval.

Farewell to putting your life on hold. Keep living. And do it on purpose.

Thank you for everything, my twenties.