A Friendly Reminder That You Can Move On At Any Time


We’ve all been a part of something that we eventually knew wasn’t meant for us. As we get older, we thirst to find our calling in life because we see everyone around us achieving milestones in their lives. We put more pressure on ourselves because we see the success of others. The pacing and timing for when we find what and who we love doesn’t matter. It never will. There is no deadline to determine when you need to get married, find your dream job, or anything else you feel there needs to be a certain deadline for. Don’t be in a rush to be somewhere or do something that you know you aren’t ready for. You also don’t need to stay somewhere that doesn’t fill your heart with joy.

Moving on gets harder as we get older because we feel like we are losing time. Time to experience love. Time to find a career. Time to explore the world. Time to take risks. It feels like everything we do is based on time. Maybe we feel that this moment is the time to do something. Or we feel like this isn’t the time to start something new or end something that is boring and tiring. We give time too much power. We always have. The people who haven’t are the ones that are truly happy and carefree of their growth and progress. Time is similar to fear. It’s nothing more than a word.

Whatever empties the energy in your heart you can let go of at any time. All of our hearts deserve to be full and clear of any marks or scars. If there is anything that empties your energy, find a way to move on. If there is anything that damages you, find a way to break free of that pain. If you feel that something is on the verge of breaking your heart, walk away. You will always have the power and freedom to walk away from anything that doesn’t treat you well. Some situations are definitely harder than others, but you can find a way around it if you’re really passionate about moving on and finding a better version of yourself.

The best versions of ourselves always involves what we surround ourselves with. If we are surrounded by people that make us unhappy or don’t really care about us, then no amount of effort and energy are going to allow us to be the best version of ourselves. If we do surround ourselves with people who care about us and value us, then we can become better. We will become better. That’s not an opinion. That’s been proven to be factual.

Do yourself and the world a favor and move on from anything that doesn’t inspire you to live the best life you believe you can live.