A ‘Fuck You’ To Anyone Who Doubts Your Strength


I’ve always found it funny how people can look at someone and see something that isn’t there. It’s like we’re in funhouse mirrors, everything distorted. Everything a little off.

This judgement we cast, so subjective. So flawed.

So, now you’re here. And someone, or something, has questioned your strength. You’ve been made to feel like a fool, like this weak, crumbling thing. You’ve been sized up within seconds.

And you’re wondering if this assessment is right. You’re secretly afraid you’re exactly what they say you are.

But how could they know all of who you are? How could they understand all you’ve triumphed against? All the times life beat you down and, still, you found the courage to stand back up?

Tears are strength. Tears are emotion leaving the body, giving you room for more love, more empathy, more understanding.

Your softness is power. Your softness is what keeps you trudging onward.

Kiss those who doubt you goodbye, and hope that they find the inner kindness you already possess.

Thank your body for all the times it has honored your emotions. Get back up.

Remember, you are the only one who defines your strength. And Darling, you’re more powerful than you know. You’re powerful just as you are.