A Gift Guide For The Person You’ve Been With Forever


So you’ve been with your sweetheart for too many holiday seasons to count. You’ve gotten them everything you could possibly think of… now what? Fear not, committed lovebirds, I’m here to help.

1. Book a stay-cation

Don’t have time for an excursion abroad? Find a local hotel or just doll up your home/apartment with all the luxury amenities for a weekend for two.

2. Twinkle lights or other “aura” therapy decor

Bored of the same old candlelight to spark the mood? Try something different that’s both relaxing and cute.

3. For something they definitely don’t have: a virtual projection keyboard

If you really think you’ve gotten them everything, try this one: a virtual keyboard that connects to any device (even your phone) and allows you to type on any surface and saves it… perfect for the person on the go (or me… feel free to buy it for me).

4. A new take on couple’s items

Just edgy enough to avoid the cheesiness and cute either way.

5. A map of the places you’ve been together

Anything that notes important milestones in a relationship like this is always a good idea… especially when it comes in such a cute poster that you can order for yourself.

6. Vintage luggage or some other luxe everyday item

Treat them to some luxury everyday item that they’d never buy for themselves but you know they’ll absolutely love.

7. Frame lyrics from “your song” or your favorite quote

Really fast and inexpensive but looks like you puts tons of effort and care into it.

8. A journal to make your bucket list together

An easy way to turn a super inexpensive gift into one that’s just between the two of you… start the list on the first page, and work on it together from then on. Adorable.

9. A specialty item like their own beer brewing kit

If you can’t beat ’em on their weird hangup with homemade beer… join ’em.

10. When all else fails, things that are universally loved like this organic “gentleman’s set”

You can’t go wrong with creams and bath things, everyone likes them, even the guys, most especially when something is called the “gentleman’s” anything.