Your Guide For Spotting Celebrities In New York City


Celeb-stalking is no easy feat. For one, it is a full-time commitment and something you should not take lightly. You think you’ll just “bump into” Kim Kardashian on the street? I doubt it. So, for all those in desperate need of celebrity contact, have no fear- here is my list of tips to finding the famous in NYC:

1. Online stalking comes first.

I don’t just happen to be in the same place at the same time as, say, Mindy Kaling*. I know she’s going to be there. Why? I follow her on Instagram and Twitter. I also like to go to places she likes to go to, because I am cool and we would be best friends if she knew me. But I digress. Stalk them on social media, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of where to find them.

2. Have a ton of free time.

The amazing thing about this semester is that even with going to school full-time, having a part-time job, and hanging out with friends is that I still have an abnormal amount of free time. For example – I am just doing my homework, and I see on Instagram that Outkast’s Andre 3000 or the cast from Made in Chelsea is right down the block from me. What do I do? I throw on some pants and I run to where they are! “Oh, fancy meeting you here,” I say as they whisk me off to go shopping and for drinks at a super exclusive club. Just kidding. The important thing is that you get your most important things done first so that you have the time to stalk celebs in the first place!

3. Never be actively looking.

I actually lied to you when I said I celeb stalk on a full-time basis. In reality, I am out exploring the city and doing cool things! Do you know who else likes to explore the city and do cool things? Celebrities! That’s right, they’re people too. Just last weekend I saw Bravo’s Andy Cohen walking his adorable dog, and the guy who plays Littlefinger on Game of Thrones taking the subway. Like regular people!

4. Play it cool.

If you are like me, then you can’t be anywhere near a celebrity without simultaneously combusting from awkwardness. I see Lena Dunham? I yell to my friend down the street that I feel like I am going to puke. Super cute. About to meet the Danish singer Mo? Break out into stress sweat right before I ask her to take a picture with me. Take it from me, nobody likes a creepy AND sweaty superfan. If you have to pick one, I would say go for creepy but otherwise try to leave your serial killer stare at home.

In the end, there are no real tips for finding a celebrity in the real world. Your best bet is to enjoy yourself and if you’re lucky you might just meet someone you saw on TV once. Living in New York has certainly made it easier though. But if you see Tom Hiddleston, let him know I’ve been looking for him? Thanks.

*Note: I have actually seen all people mentioned in this article around the New York City area.