A Guide To The Most Niche Dating Websites You Could Ever Sign Up For


Trying to find the right dating website has become a lot like dating itself. Search “dating” on the app store on any given phone, and you get 2,200 results, which means a lot of duds to find the right website for you.

In honor of love and playing Cupid, I went through the over 400 would-be dating sites at AngelList, a site for start up companies, to find the right place for you to to, well, start up your love life.

If you want to avoid the unwashed masses that use OkCupid, try Ivy Date, where members are chosen “based on their intellectual curiosity and outstanding character”, or Sparkology, “a curated dating site for young professionals” that verifies that all men are “graduates of top universities” and offers “white-glove concierge services.”

For those who don’t care where their dates went to college, there’s Truffle, which only bothers to check to make sure that a would-be date actually has a job (freelance writers need not apply).

Men who are disappointed with how infrequently they are treated like pieces of meat should try Supermanket, a dating marketplace “where women are the clients and men are the products.”

TheJmom.com is the “Jewish online dating site where moms do the matchmaking.” MyLovelyParent.com, in turn, is for children who don’t want their single parent to die a lonely death.

For South Asians exasperated with the long match-making process, there’s Simply Match Me.

At YourCauseorMine.com, you will only find people who will go to the same protests as you.

For those who’d rather protest the idea of all things romantic and just want a friend or two, try itsplatonic.com.

Cuddleup, for its part, is looking for investors into its “Lyft for cuddling” app, filling the hole for all those people who want a quick no-strings-attached cuddle and can’t afford a professional cuddler.

There was also an attempt to start a site for those mourning a recent break-up. According to AngelList, Wotwentwrong.com was to feature crowd-sourced relationship advice. Sadly, the site never seems to have gotten off the ground. Wotwentwrong indeed.