A Heart Full Of Regret


I have a heart full of regrets
For hateful goodbyes and unnecessary deaths

For every breath you take
And flashbacks that make
Your lungs close up and sweat break out in beads
And those that don’t pay heed

Are worse than those who pull the trigger

Their silence growing bigger
Till it swells into a bubble of uneasy comfort
And hopeful denial
And syrupy pretense
And they don’t know how they aid and abet
And for them, I have a heart full of regret

Because sometimes actions speak louder than words
But their lips don’t move and their fingers don’t hurt

From all the scrolling past the gore on their Facebook pages

And switching from one channel to another till they switch it off all together
But I ask you now… how long will you hide?

This feigned ignorance is no matter of pride

Because if the world crumbles then so will you
And these bullets will find you
These monsters will burn you far worse than the images that burn at the back of your mind

So rewind

And join not your hands with those who don’t pay heed
And let me clean the beads
Of sweat off your forehead
And move your lips with mine as we silence their grunts with chants
These circumstantial sychophants
Serve fear all too well and need to break free

So switch on the TV

And stop scrolling
And let courage take root and make goodbyes just a little less painful
And let not valor die an unnecessary death
Because every breath
Is too important to be laced with regret