A High School Friend Is Being Charged With Attempted Murder And, As A Medium, I’m Going To Use My Gifts To Help Her


This post begins a series of posts that I will be writing from now until March of 2016. In the upcoming posts you can expect me to reveal some very plain facts on the State of [Southern State]’s justice system and rate of success in wrongfully convicting people. I will also be writing about people whose lives have been turned upside down by said success rate. Lastly, I will be writing about an on going case in the state of [Southern State] that hits very close to home for me. A case that is the whole reason I am committing to diving into subjects and content I normally would only pray for…not write about.

It all started with a Facebook post. I was casually spending a few moments scrolling down my homepage when a post caught my eye. It was written by someone I have known since middle school age. I went to a private school with a graduating class of about 30 or so people. To say my private school was a speck in the sea of public schools is an understatement. We were what ever is smaller than miniscule. With that tiny stature came lots of time and space to get to know people.

Back to the Facebook post–as I read each sentence, my heart sunk deeper and deeper until it felt like a rock resting in the center of my gut. I remember confusion…looking at the date to make sure it wasn’t April Fools Day. I reread the post again and again to make sure I wasn’t missing any haha or lol or joke in the paragraphs. No, this post was real and it was happening to someone I still can recall as plain as day.

This friend and I have not seen each other in decades. We did not keep in touch over the years. Facebook friends, yes. Friends in life, no. Different states. Different worlds. Different lives. Another reminder how Facebook friending is so far removed from what real friending is. Posts and casual comments over the years don’t amount to a hill of anything in moments like this.

This post isn’t to get into the meat of what this is all about. It is simply to begin the thread to a story that needs to be told. A story that needs to be heard. Lives that need a voice. So all I will say about that Facebook post’s content is the line that I sat and read over and over and over again. “As someone who is facing up to 52 years in prison–I want all of you to know that I have turned down a plea bargain offered to me by the State of [Southern State].”

I sat back in my chair stunned. Alicia, as I will call her for protection’s sake, was facing a conviction that could lead to 52 years of prison and turned down a plea bargain in which they offered her no jail time at all. I have to say that piqued my interest. Two things go through the average person’s head…either the person is crazy or the person is not guilty. I change that, three things go through a person’s head…either they are crazy or they are innocent and the Prosecution must not have much evidence to support their accusation. Why would you offer a person zero jail time just to hear them say “I did it” if you have what it takes to put this person who you say is guilty away for 52 years?

I sat back and thought about Alicia. I could still see her bounding into the cafeteria for lunch or cheerleading practice. She had long legs like a horse and she was airy. Goofy to a point, but in a good way. We were nothing alike. I was serious and straight as an arrow and tried to maintain an air beyond my years as a kid. She was laughter and fun and non conforming. I remember eyeing her in conversations and knowing she was a lot more intelligent than the airy persona that others may have seen. I saw that intelligence…when others may have seen moments filled with air. She made people laugh. She made me laugh.

When I brought myself back from a walk down High School Boulevard, I decided I couldn’t sit back and do nothing. I didn’t feel to message her right then and there. Knowing how many messages must be coming through to her after a post like that. I decided I would wait. I would also wait to go into the whole situation with my gifts to see if I, myself, believed in her innocence. I am a Medium and I work on missing person’s cases all the time. There are many people, both dead and living, that I have to read in cases and situations. This was no exception to me, except for the fact that I wanted to get her permission first.

Either way, whether she was guilty or innocent, I wanted to reach out to her and tell her I was there. Me, being able to feel and understand what she must be feeling more than someone who doesn’t tap into that intuitive part of themselves. I knew there was comfort I could give. Support I could offer. Most of all, I just wanted to tell her I loved her. She had been a part of my growing up years. She had been a part of my days for years. Her mother was my gym coach. Her father was my sound tech when I would sing. She deserved me to stand by her. No matter what the outcome.

When a few days had passed, I sent a message, not really sure how it would be received.

Now, many reads and messages later, I am doing my part. My little part. To get this story out. To follow it until its trial date in March of 2016. To tell the stories of others who have already been wrongfully convicted. To give facts to you, the reader, as to where or Justice System in the State of [Southern State] could use some accountability. We all know it is not just that state. It is horrific to see the statistics on what is and has been going on in our Judicial Systems across the country. Maybe this will help shed some light on that too.

In post number two, I will go into the beginnings of Alicia’s story and what has now become a modern day witch hunt in the name of justice. I also will be writing from a balanced perspective to this. Meaning, innocent until proven guilty. Not blind belief in innocence. Even though, I have my belief.

Stay tuned…