A Letter For The One Who Is Starting Over


Hey there, fighter.

I know your heart is in turmoil these days. There may be too many questions in your head with no sight of clear answers. Having to restart your life to take a different path can be the scariest thing one can ever do and also the most daunting.

You have been fighting for most of your life, from one thing to another, and I know you are tired. You don’t feel like you can wake up again to another day when all you think about is what’s coming next. You have never had a moment’s rest, and now you feel like you are going back to square one.

In moments like this, I want you to remember you are not going back to zero. Starting over does not mean erasing all the progress you have already made. It does not equate to being empty. Sometimes rebuilding your life and yourself can look like starting from scratch, but you are not—you are beginning from experience.

Maybe you are starting again because some things are no longer good for you, or they no longer support your growth, or maybe they are starting to hurt instead of heal. When this happens, taking care of yourself should be a priority. Winning does not always mean surviving, and there are times when you have to lose if it means being able to keep going.

Starting all over again is tough, but you are tougher for being able to decide that that’s what you need to do. I can’t promise it will be over soon or that things will get easier quickly. But what I can tell you is that eventually it will. You will be able to take one step in front of the other, one day at a time. And the next thing you know, you have come a long way.

That’s the beauty of new beginnings. It makes you see the strength in you. It makes you realise that no matter how many endings you might come across, there is always the chance to rebuild, to rest, and to begin again.

You are going to get through this because you are a fighter and somehow, just by being able to leave people, places, and situations that are no longer for you, could be the best win of all.

You got this!