A Letter From A Homophobic


Dear homosexual person who is destined to find the cure for cancer,
Dear future Nobel price of Peace who also happens to be transgender,
Dear lesbian who is writing the literary classic that will speak for an entire generation,

Today, I am here to tell you that you will have to abandon your laboratory, your fight for peace, and your writing because I, an insignificant and useless being that does absolutely nothing for the world, insist that love can only exist if it is between a cisgender man and a cisgender woman, thus, you will not be able to marry that one person who inspires you and propels you to change the world for the better. Inspiring you to be a better person and to be a catalyst for positive change cannot be romantic love. The only romantic love that exists is full of heteronormativity, even if it inspired no one, even if it is abusing and limiting. If your love is love, then it is less than the sacred union between a man and a woman, or at least that is the message I am sending when I do not allow you to marry your beloved: Your love belongs to an inferior category.

I do not support your adopting children, either. Honestly, I prefer those children to be in dire circumstances of eternal hopelessness, of a less than nurturing environment, I prefer them to be victims of violence and to be living on the streets. At least, next time I see a children looking absolutely desperate for some food and love begging for money on the streets, I will make myself feel better by thinking that it would be so much worse for this child to be in a homosexual home that is full of sin, so sinful indeed that it has two parents catering specifically to the needs of this child!

I can be altruistic too. This is me wishing you luck when you protest for your basic rights. I am sorry, I will not change my mind. The world has to be this way. It absolutely has to deny acceptance and basic respect to people who are not heterosexual and cisgender. It absolutely has to drive many of you to suicide. People have to continue committing hate crimes against the LGBT community, it is necessary. It has to tirelessly hurt every single one of you in little and subtle ways every single day of your lives that you dare to be who you are openly.

What are the reasons for my hatred? Here, my typically articulate personality fails me, but let me tell you that the reasons for my cruelty and bigotry are very precise and valid enough to refrain you from spending valuable hours on your research, your struggle against injustice and your art just so you can protest and stand up for yourselves.

There are people out there that compare what I do to racism, and think that this form of discrimination is part of a very dark past our great grandchildren will be ashamed of, but there I see a difference. Racist people hate other people because of reasons that do not affect their own lives at all, and your sexuality affects my life. It awakens my insecurities. I simply cannot stand someone living differently from me, it is such a threat! Do not call me selfish, then, if I rob the hours and vital energy of people who are busy trying to make this world a better place for my great grandchildren only because I am an insecure brat who has to terrorize and bully everyone who dares to live and love outside the “norm” that I invented in my little and arrogant mind.

Yours faithfully,
A Homophobic (Yes, I insist on calling myself phobic, because my plain old retrograde imbecility is not such, it is fear, damn it! Understand me just as I do not make an effort to understand you at all).