A Letter To My Body


Dear Body,

A couple of weeks ago you were not feeling well. What started out as a minor discomfort in the body turned into a much larger, all-consuming issue. After visiting the ER, you were diagnosed with an infection and quickly put on antibiotics as well as pain medication. Within 30 minutes pain related to the infection as well as other small discomforts within the body ceased to exist. The relief from the pain felt amazing. Being pain-free felt like a miracle.

After a week of antibiotics, the infection was gone. The pain from the infection is now a distant memory. You have now returned to what feels like normal. What I have realized (once again) about you, Body is how resilient you are. I see that perhaps the infection could have happened at any time or place, but it happened at a time when I was deeply intertwined with the stresses of life.

Thinking back I remember your subtle cry – asking for attention, awareness, love…but I ignored it. Perhaps I had forgotten your role. Perhaps I didn’t remember your so very important role. You are the one that carries my children. You are the one that communicates my emotions. You are the one I take to yoga, and it is through you I work out my life. It is you that has to endure the weird dance moves and takes me skiing. You are the vessel that carries my soul.

I know our relationship hasn’t always been easy. I have been quick to judge you along with the rest of the world in appearance only. I see now though it is not what I see how I feel and how I feel is how closely I listen. How well I take care of you is weaved into all aspects of my mental, emotional and physical well being – which ripples out to the rest of the world.

So in case, I forgot to thank you and appreciate and love you – thank you, Body.