A Letter To My Unborn Daughter


You are the light that stops all darkness
You will be so powerful birds will sing songs of your being
You are so loved.

I want this love to fill you up inside till it spills out of you in art
Whatever you want

I will travel to mountains and seas to give to you
In the palm of my ageing hands
In the crinkle of my eyes
In bittersweet nostalgic smiles
I give you a lifetime of love

And know this
You will experience disrespect
You will experience heartache
You may go through tunnels so long and dark you fear you’ll never see the light again

My love
When you feel so small that your body curls into a question mark
I will curve myself around you and give you warmth
I will help you find the answer
Give you all strength left in me
Channel my love to flow into your veins
Lighting candles at each corner

For you are the light that stops all darkness

You may feel you are on an endless search to find a place
Somewhere you are yourself
With possibilities
With respect
My love
You are that place
From the moment you were born

You are the light.