A Letter To My Younger Sister


To my not so little sister:

I hope one day you wake up and see yourself in the light that everyone around you does. I pray that your insecurities are instead filled with all of the beauty and care you share with others. I wish that instead of picking out each imperfection you carry, you begin to recognize the true beauty in not being perfect. Most importantly, I cannot wait until one day you look at yourself in the mirror and finally feel confident enough to attract the kinds of people you deserve—the kinds of people who will add true happiness and love into your life.

To the sister who has held my hand through every up-and-down life change life has thrown at me and been by my side cheering words of support through it all:

I hope one day you view yourself with the amount of love I carry for you. I hope one day you start to protect your own heart with the same strength and caution that you carry for anyone trying to enter my life. I hope you recognize people’s intentions with you as well in your own life the way you accurately do in mine. I pray you recognize all the amazing qualities you carry and how many admirers surround you. I cannot wait to watch you continue to blossom into the beautiful and smart individual you are.

To my little sister: There is so much about you that I aspire to be like. You are my biggest supporter, and I hope you always know that I am yours. When you win, I win. When you smile, I smile. I just hope one day you can see yourself in the light that I do, but until then, I will be by your side gently reminding you.