A Letter To Myself, For When I Can’t Stop Bullying Myself


Please stop being so hard on her.

When she gets her heart broken, she’s already so upset at herself. She’s crushed. Because she doesn’t know how long it’s going to take her to get back from that, but she knows it’ll be a while. She doesn’t just bounce back like most people. She’s not going to just get busy so she can forget about it. She’s learning how to live with it. She goes through it. She sits with the hardest parts of it. The angry parts. The painful parts. The happy parts. The saddest parts. She is trying her best to learn from it. And to be honest, she doesn’t ever really come back out the same on the other side. She transforms.

Please be more understanding.

Stop making it feel like it was her fault. She knows it’s not, but please stop trying to make her feel like it was. You have to know that she gave it everything she had. She gave it 100%, like she promised she would every single time. She put her guards down because she was finally happy again. She put her heart on the line, even when she knew the strings were never fully knotted. She walked the rope without seeing the other side. What more do you want from her?

Please tell her to let things go.

This is a tough one. Remind her to let go gracefully. Remind her to let things go because their baggage is not meant for you to carry, no matter how much you want to help them. Remind her that love isn’t a cage and love has no rules. Remind her that if she truly loves something, she has to set it free. Remind her that what’s meant to be yours will always be yours. Remind her that as humans, we owe one another nothing, but owe ourselves every chance at happiness.

Please remind her that she will be happy again.