A Letter To The Class Of 2017


Dear Seniors,

We’ve reached our last year of college. Cue the horror music.

It’s the year of lasts. It’s full of things we won’t miss at all, and things we’ll probably miss a lot more than we expect once we’re out of here.

The last few years were full of bogus classes, useless partners in group projects, and professors that never responded to emails. Hundreds of dollars wasted on the textbooks we opened once just to see the review questions for the final.

Those roommates that never seemed to leave the apartment when you needed privacy, and ones that left dirty dishes all over the place.

Going out Monday through Thursday for happy hours and drink specials. Then proceeding to go out Friday and Saturday because, duh, it’s the weekend. And occasionally Sundays at the bar because of Sunday-Funday.

Then having to dodge that creeper from your math class at the bar…

Spontaneous day drinks on a nice day, or even a day where the weather is shit, because, what else is there to do during the day?

Endless hours of Netflix to pass the time, of course.

Eating pizza every night for dinner.

Drunk snacks. Lots of drunk snacks.

Seeing friends everyday and shouting their names like a lunatic when you see them on campus.

Having little responsibilities, because everyone can just study later…

I’m sure you’re capable of picking which things you’ll miss and which you absolutely won’t miss, because you’re a *college senior* now.

I bet it’s starting to set in that these were “the best years of your life,” as every college graduate you know has uttered to you at some point in time, as they stare off into the distance reminiscing on their glory days.

But don’t worry guys, we’ve still got this whole year left, so I’m just here to say: make it a good one.

Good luck, Seniors.

A fellow college classmate