A Letter To The Love Of My Life


My friends warned me about you
You had built yourself quite the reputation
For all the hearts you’d made a home out of
Before slipping away mercilessly
And leaving them wanting you even more
So when you knocked on my door that night
On a Tuesday just after 10
I reluctantly ushered you inside
Took your coat as you murmured into my ear
About all the places you could take me
The possibilities excited me
But more than anything I felt afraid
So I showed you to the door and let it slam behind you
You were back inside by the end of the night

My family watched on helplessly
As you worked your way into my heart
They saw my eyes light up at the mention of your name
And they shook their heads disapprovingly
While reminding me I had all the things I was supposed to want
The 9-5 that was sucking the life out of me
A stable relationship that no longer held any passion
And when I looked into my mother’s eyes across the dinner table
All I could see was the regret at all the chances she never took
So I let you invade my every thought
Even as I lay next to the boyfriend who was so good to me
I’d stare at the dimple in his left cheek
And ask myself how I could ever hurt him like this
But he never stood a chance did he

Then one day I heard the all too familiar sound
Of you knocking at my door
But when I opened it you weren’t invited inside
Because this time I was coming with you
With my freshly packed bags
That my heart had packed a long time ago
My boyfriend said he had always known
Because when I looked into his eyes
He saw me searching for you in there
That was the first time you stole love from me
But it wasn’t the last
In the years that have passed there were others
I guess they were all just collateral damage
Because in the end I will always choose you

And somewhere along the way I fell in love with you Travel
You’ve taken me to places beyond my wildest dreams
Put that sparkle in my eye and the spring into my step
Most people find love in the arms of another
But I feel the fire burning when I’m running through airports
Chasing planes that will take me someplace far away
I feel passion when my dreams are too big and my bank balance is too small
I love the way you turn perfect strangers into lovers and friends
And that feeling as I walk into a new city with nothing but my backpack
Makes my heart beat faster than any person ever could
I know all my secrets are safe inside the pages of my passport
And when the man at border security looks into my eyes
He won’t find a trace of regret for a life I didn’t live
Because every single day with you makes me feel so alive.