A List Of Bad Reasons To Go To Grad School



1. You don’t know what you want.

2. You’re scared of the real world.

3. You want to stand out in your field.

4. You want it to be easier to find a job.

5. You want to make more money.

6. You are desperate.

7. You are curious.

8. You feel like a failure.

9. You think that you have to.

10. You see grad school ads everywhere.

11. Your parents think you should.

12. You don’t know what else to do.

13. You think you are supposed to

14. You want student discounts.

15. You’re done having your fun and feel stuck.

16. ‘You might as well’.

17. Your dreams failed.

18. You want friends.

19. You hate your job.

20. You like academics.

21. Everyone you know is doing it.

22. Fear of missing out.

23. You don’t know how to find another job.

24. You have severe money troubles.

25. You are smart.

26. You want to prove something to people.

27. You are trying to prove something to yourself.

28. You are trying to buy more time.

29. You don’t have any good reasons.

30. You think the right job will notice you with a new degree.

31. This is your plan to invest in your future.

32. You want to speak on a TED talk.

33. You believe this is the way to contribute to the world’s knowledge.

34. You don’t know how to make friends.

35. To be recognized academically.

36. To be a threat.

37. To feel more secure in yourself.

38. You think people will notice you.

39. You think you will know more.

40. You think you will find love.

41. You don’t know what to do with your money.

42. You do not know how else to network.

43. You hate working behind a desk.

44. You are having a midlife crisis.

45. You miss undergrad.

46. You want to know more people who know things.

47. You just gained a new interest.

48. Because you are competitive.

49. You are stressed.

50. You want more money.

51. You don’t feel qualified enough.

52. You secretly want to be a professional student.

53. You just had a breakup.

54. You want to move to a new location.

55. You assume it’s the best return on your investment.

56. You miss having a gym that was included in your tuition.

57. You want to be a graduate assistant.

58. You can’t stop overthinking if you should or shouldn’t.

59. You don’t know who you are anymore.

60. You want to ‘erase’ your undergrad years.

61. You identify with several things on this list.