A List Of Thai Restaurant Names


Around the corner from my apartment, there’s a Thai restaurant called Thai Thank You. You get it? It’s like “Bye, thank you,” except Thai Thank You, a pun on a common phrase, one you’d probably receive as you left Thai Thank You, thus adding to the humor. Here is a list of other suitable names for a Thai restaurant.

Romeo Must Thai

Thai-rannosaurus Rex

Big Girls Don’t Thai

Thai Fast Thai Furious

Thai Hard 2: Thai Harder

Thai-phoid Fever

Tool Thai With Tim the Tool Man Thai-ler


Ridin Dir-thai

Thai 2 Thai-abetes

Sex, Thai, and Videotape

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Thai

The End of Appar-thai

Thai-ny Furniture

The Hills Have Thai

Thai, Robot

A Lonely Place to Thai

Occu-thai Wall Street


Thai-naged Mutant Ninja Thai-tles

Let Sleeping Dogs Thai

Thai-light: New Moon

My Thai to Shine

Thai and Thai Again

Maximum Intensi-thai

Tinker Tailor Soldier Thai

The Catcher in the Thai

Me, Myself, and Thai-rene

Queer Eye for the Straight Thai

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