A Little Note On Compassion


Nobody in the entire world has experienced life the way you have; nobody has the exact same outlook as you. You know more than a lot of people about some things, and a lot of people know more than you about other things. Every event, relationship, trauma…nobody knows the effect it has had on you except for you. Some have experienced indescribable pain, death of loved ones, heartbreak that’s shaken them to their core and made them believe in nothing. Some have never even seen love; some live in fairytale romances that they got right the first time around. Some have lived in chaos-seen nothing but rage and anger for their entire lives. Some were raised in peaceful loving homes where parents encouraged them and believed in them. Some were picked on all through school, some still get tormented in their adult lives. Some know abuse, some don’t. Some people feel anger and annoyance over things that wouldn’t make sense to others. Some people hold on to the things that have happened to them, others don’t think twice about theirs. Some people spend their time working on themselves while others have never even taken the time to get to know who they are. Nobody in this entire world views things the way you do because nobody in the entire world has the same story as you. Patience and compassion are so important at all times-nobody knows what they’re doing, nobody has got this all figured out. Everybody gets scared and everybody loses it sometimes. No matter what has happened to you, no matter what the events were that led you up to today, it’s important to be kind. It’s important to live from a place of love. You don’t know the story behind someone’s eyes and you don’t know how much your actions and words could be affecting them. Breathe, smile, be nice; life is supposed to be fun.