A Love Letter To All The Child-Free Aunts


If you are an aunt and don’t have children, I hope you know how important and valuable you are.

You have a special and unique role that can change the life of your nieces and/or nephews, who are incredibly blessed to have you in their lives. You may not be the one who gave birth to them, but your help, time, money, energy, and love that you offer and provide does matter. Even when you are feeling overlooked and undervalued or maybe even criticized and shunned by anyone in your family, circle of friends, or even society, I hope you realize that not only do you matter but that you are also needed and loved.

You are special, valuable, fun, cool, smart, and appreciated.

You may not have children, whether that be by choice or by circumstance, but there are little ones who you can still give your love, hugs, and joy to.

You may have a career that consumes a lot of your time, but your hard work and sacrifice will pay off in the most unexpected and extraordinary ways. After all, you do have a life outside of your job.

You get to pick your niece or nephew up from school when their parents can’t make it and hear all about their day. Plus you might get a cool picture they made that you can hang on your fridge or put up in your office at work.

You get to take your niece or nephew shopping and out for brunch, lunch, and dinner dates, and then take them back home to their parents at the end.

You get to go to all those school plays, ballet classes, Saturday sporting events, and school field trips and cheer them on from the sidelines.

You get to be the one your niece or nephew can trust and confide in when they need someone to talk to outside of their parents.

You get the perks of being a parent without all the parental responsibilities.

You get to put someone else’s needs above your own.

You get to have the freedom to travel, date, wine and dine yourself, and spend, save, or budget your money as you please.

If you are a child-free aunt, this world is your canvas. Paint it as you see fit and enjoy this amazing space you get to live in, because, once again, you matter. And everything you are and all that you do makes a difference. I raise my glass to you all and I salute you. You deserve to be recognized and celebrated. Cheers.