A Love Letter To All The People Hurting Right Now


Dear Darlings,

I am sorry the last couple of days have been difficult for you, I truly wish it wasn’t so. I know some of you have cried, have become fearful and anxious and have suffered for the uncertainty of what will become of you, your country, your family and the people you care about.

I’m sorry we’re at a point where we feel there’s nothing else we can do, where relocating from what has become “home” is an option. I’m sorry there’s pain and despair. I am sorry some of you have been attacked and called names, names we thought we were over with. I am sorry for all of those who feel their “American Dream” has been violated and now seems like a long lost option.

I am sorry for all the immigrants who helped build the country and lend a helping hand to all the other immigrants who are trying to make the US their home. I am sorry for all the hardworking immigrants who’ve had higher education and successful careers and still find themselves being discriminated. I am sorry for their children that get bullied because of their parent’s origins. I know of very few people and communities who would open their homes for strangers just because someone they know, knows them and asked the favor. And they do it wholeheartedly.

I am sorry for the LGBTQ community and what it could mean to your fight. A fight you’ve been brave and relentless enough to fight to get the respect and rights that are yours as much as anyone else’s. I am sorry you are starting to fear more for your life and your rights. I am sorry that you may stand to lose everything you’ve fought for, and the rights that have cost the life of many members of your community. Many sweet, sweet humans who did nothing wrong, whose only crime was to love and stand up for themselves.

I weep for you.

I am sorry for all the women. I feel deeply wounded that some of the rights that protect us may be stripped away. I am sorry that all we’ve endured- assaults, rape, harassment just to mention a few, are being in some way validated or dismissed by the people who are supposed to set an example.

I am sorry we may not have rights over our own bodies and sexual health. I am sorry we’re so casually dismissed by the people who hold power. I am sorry that men will once again decide for us. I am sorry that our fight is a long way away from being done.

I am sorry for all the people who belong to religions that aren’t accepted or deemed as dangerous when all you’re doing is worshipping your God in the same everyone should be entitled to. I am sorry the country and its people seem to have forgotten that there is such a thing as Freedom of Religion and hundreds, if not thousands of people are constantly harassed and harmed for wearing the symbols to pay respect to your God/s. I am sorry you feel you can no longer show your love to your God and wear your faith proudly.

I am sorry for the people of color, for the people of all ethnicities that are constantly judged and mistreated for things no human can choose: their own birthplace and skin color. I am sorry you’re labeled and pushed around and all your achievements go into a microscope because of your skin color. I am sorry that’s the first thing that people still notice about you when they first see you. I am sorry that at this day and age you still have to prove yourself because of your complexion.

I am sorry you’ve had one of the longest historical struggles and you feel that it’s been set back two hundred years in just a day.

I am sorry for all the people in the US and other countries that will be affected by this choice. I am sorry for the ripple effect it will have in the years to come.

I am sorry for everyone alive right now and suffering. I am sorry for the gentle souls, I am sorry for the humane humans that fight their battles and the battles of others in hopes to make this world a better place.

I am sorry we’re all feeling like shit. I am sorry our morale is on the floor. I am sorry for all of our broken hearts. I am sorry that our hope and faith to have a fairer future has been shattered.

I’d like to stand in line to hug all those of you who are hurting. I wish I could be there with you and take a moment to comfort you through these tough times. I wish I could be there and tell you that everything will be alright in person and mean it.

Mourn, because you need to, know that it’s alright and valid. Vent. Lean on your support system. Give yourself a couple of days to go back to your awesome self, don’t let anyone tell you or make you believe you aren’t.

The best I can do right now is tell you: You are not alone.
The best I can do right now is tell you: Be fierce. Be Brave. Be strong.

The best I can do right now is tell you: We have a long way to go and we have a good fight to fight. We need to come together and show the world what we can accomplish united.

If there’s a thought or belief in one of the communities that resonates with some of your own, join it. If there’s a cause or community you’re part of, Go the extra mile.

Show your support. Protest. Parade. Walk. Talk. Get involved IN ANY WAY YOU CAN.

Help others.


The world needs this now more than ever.