A Love Letter To Nutella


Dear Nutella,

I want to take a moment to speak to you! I know that I am not worthy of you entering under my roof, but the second I unscrew your cap something great happens. I pop your golden seal, and dive into a jar of magic.

I can dip my marshmallows, some strawberries, or saltier­than­you pretzels into your heavenly goodness. Right from the beginning I feel your chocolate scent traveling up my nose, and down the roof of my mouth of which you’ve entered.

You teach me to appreciate everything I am given just in one dip. I forget how bittersweet berries can sometimes be, and I forget how salty I feel about the crackers I meet. Even better, I honor you for all I am blessed to eat. I forgive all food for its flawed favor.

When life hands me a bad day, there is a whole book containing savior recipes. When life is going well, and my human beings are there for me ­ you are too. When they aren’t and I need some reassurance ­ you’re still there. Which I love.

You fill up any cupcake, any pie, or sweet flavored casserole with love and compassion. I mean let’s be real, look at all the women you’ve helped. Or the life and joy you’ve given our children. Every moment, a percentage of women are in pain for a week. But you still make it better. But I mean our future son will smile when you are smudged in between two slices of bread in a cartoon lunchbox.

Even better you are Italian, and I mean what girl doesn’t love an Italian man? You are certainly better than that.

All I’m trying to say, Nutella, is that you are loved, awesome, and deservedly revered!

With Love,

EVERY female (during that time of month :))